Acceleration & Top Speed Comparison

The Focus RS of 2016 has delivered some seriously impressive performance stats, providing for a top speed of 165 miles per hour (the Focus fastest yet), and acceleration from 0 to 62 mph that comes in at 4.7 seconds (which leaves the Civic Type-R, Volkswagen Golf R, and the Subaru WRX STI in its dust). All of which is made possible through its flagship launch control and innovative AWD system, which powers a relatively hefty weight of 1599kg wet.

The Focus RS 2016 versus the Focus RS 2009

The Focus RS 2016 has been a long time in the making and has been described as one of the most anticipated hot hatches yet. However, with the Focus RS acceleration from 0-62 mph in 4.7 seconds, compared to the 2009’s 5.9 seconds, it seems that the wait has been more than worth it. That said, it must be noted that despite the seven year hiatus, it appears that today’s RS is only just going to make it a nose further over the finish line with longer distances, as the 2016 top speed of 165mph just about tops the 2009’s top speed of 163mph (they both also come in at around the same weight, with the 2009 model being just 1kg over at 1600kg).

The Focus ST and the Fiesta ST: On the starting line

Both the Focus ST and Fiesta ST have reflected Ford’s ever more focussed drive for superior performance amongst the car classes that they’re within (something that has arguably led to jumps in sales for both of these models within the US).

So let’s see just where we stand today, when the Focus ST, Fiesta ST and Focus RS are lined up side by side and pitted against one another.

Focus, Fiesta & Focus RS Acceleration & Top Speed
Focus RS, Focus ST & Fiesta ST Acceleration & Top Speed

The Focus ST, Fiesta ST and Focus RS: At the finishing line

The Focus RS acceleration of 4.7 seconds makes for a stark contrast to the Focus ST’s 6.5 seconds and the Fiesta ST’s 6.9 seconds; which is made only ever more emphasised by the Focus RS’s top speed of 165 mph, which is a respectable 11mph more that the Focus ST’s 154mph, and a more impressive 26mph over the Fiesta ST’s 139mph.

Taking a look back in history

Since the launch of the first Focus RS in 2002 this has been a model that has built up a seriously loyal bunch of enthusiasts.

Yet the Ford brand is far from a stranger when it comes to the creation of iconic, industry shaping cars, such as the Escort RS Cosworth, the Sierra RS Cosworth, the Escort RS 2000 and the 15M RS. So here’s how they stack up when placed into descending performance.

Ford RS Acceleration and Top Speed
Ford RS Heritage Acceleration and Top Speed

Acceleration Comparison

Car Acceleration (0-60mph)
2016 Focus RS 4.7 seconds
2009 Focus RS 5.9 seconds
Escort RS Cosworth 6.1 seconds
Sierra RS Cosworth 6.8 seconds
Escort RS 2000 8.9 seconds
15M RS 14.1 seconds

Top Speed Comparison

Car Top Speed (mph)
2016 Focus RS 165mph
2009 Focus RS 163mph
Escort RS Cosworth 149mph
Sierra RS Cosworth 140mph
Escort RS 2000 108mph
15M RS 99mph

Previous Ford RS Models

15M RS
15M RS


Sierra RS Cosworth
Sierra RS Cosworth


Ford Escort RS Cosworth
Escort RS Cosworth



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