Castle Combe New Ford Event for 2017

As if to underline the fact that it really is pulling out all the stops in order to make 2017 its best year yet, Castle Combe has announced a new addition to its already jam-packed roster of car shows and race meetings, Pure Ford on Saturday 13th of May 2017. The Ford only gathering will act as the unofficial opening event of the Ford car show season, and will allow Ford fans of all tastes, types and ages to gather, shakedown their Dagenham metal and generally show their appreciation for the iconic blue oval.

Pure Ford Event Logo

Pure Ford promises to take things a couple of stages further by adding an extra element – free, bookable Friday night Club Camping, meaning that Ford fans really can make a weekend of it. The show will also feature an impressive array of club pitches and stands, a trade village, as well as a Central Classic Paddock on tarmac. The interest already surrounding Pure Ford goes a long way towards underlining just how massive the UK’s Ford community actually is, with countless blue oval owners keen to display their classic, cherished motors, hence why Castle Combe has pulled out all the stops to oblige. Make no mistake, this will be a truly club-focussed car show, one designed for all the family and based entirely around Fords of all kinds.

Castle Combe Track

Castle Combe has carved out a reputation for putting on high octane shows that are both hugely exciting and suitable for all the family, and Pure Ford promises to be no different. To this end the show will feature a stunning mix of on and off track entertainment, including superb sideways action from a trio of Ford only drift displays – the perfect opportunity to see a classic Capri tackling Quarry corner at an unfeasible angle. There will also be a number of bookable, Ford only track sessions, ideal if you want to see what impact your winter of spannering has had on your lap times. There will also be a limited number of track sessions restricted to those owners of classic and retro Fords, so expect plenty of ’60s, ’70s and ’80s action from Anglias, Cortinas, Escorts and Sierras, all accompanied by the howl of BDAs, Pintos and Crossflows.

Pure Ford Event Castle Combe Cars

Those keen to experience Castle Combe without having to push their own car to the limit are also in luck, with a number of passenger rides with the pros up for grabs and bookable in advance, along with rides in a selection of classic Escort rally cars. The latter will doubtless be one of the most popular attractions on the day, the best way to find out first hand just why classic Fords and rallying go together like sausages and mash.

As if to really drive home the inclusive, family friendly nature of Pure Ford, the show will play host to the Ford Cruise, a completely free attraction open to Fords of all makes, models, engines and ages. The spectacle of hundreds of examples of Dagenham’s finest lapping Castle Combe at the same promises to be truly unmissable, and a great way for attendees to experience the circuit first hand without risking damaging their pride and joy.

The UK’s Ford community has always contained a committed core of detailers, individuals that take car care very seriously indeed and who feel that Ford knows best – originality is very much the name of the game! To this end, Pure Ford will also play host to a concours competition, a no holds barred arena for detailers to get busy with the polish, wax and microfibre cloth, and with suitably stunning trophies up for grabs. Those interested in taking part should head over to the Pure Ford website to submit their application.

Pure Ford Event Castle Combe

Away from the non-stop track action and jam-packed club stands, Pure Ford will also be very well placed to offer entertainment for the whole family, with a wide selection of kid-friendly entertainments, bouncy castles and much else besides. This is all backed up by a firm commitment to offering great value: tickets cost a mere £15 per club car, kids get in for free, and every ticket order comes with a free programme and event sticker.

Pure Ford looks set to be a stunning way to kick off the Ford car show calendar, a show that really does promise something for every type of Ford fan – from Capri and Cortina aficionado, to Focus RS and Fiesta ST owners, all will be well catered for at Castle Combe on Saturday 13th May 2017.

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