Ford Focus RS driving academy announced

The Focus Focus RS is now on its third variant however the latest Mk3 version is the first version to make it to the USA. With this being the fastest RS of them all and bursting with the latest in technology Ford are giving lucky USA owners the unique opportunity of a free training academy from Ford Performance Racing School instructors to get to know theirs cars a little better and make sure they get the best out of their latest purchase. The driving academy will take place later this year on one of the longest road racing courses in America.

Focus RS driving school for owners

As part of a free program offered owners of the 2016 & 2017 Mk3 Focus RS will get the chance to learn firsthand the capabilities of their cars not only in the classroom but on track at Utah Motorsports Campus in Grantsville, Utah.

Utah Race Circuit
Ford Performance world-class track is a 4.5-mile, 40-50-foot-wide, 23-turn circuit – the longest in North America

The full schedule will be announced in the next few months however the RS Adrenaline Academy will provide owners with a full immersion into the performance and handling characteristics of the Focus RS, in a safe environment with professional instruction. The extensive course time teaches skills including braking, shifting and cornering techniques, and also focuses on the particular dynamics of the Focus RS, such as the car’s four driving modes. The goal is to establish the performance capabilities of the owners’ cars and to improve their driving skills – all while having fun.

Driving School Ford Performance

“Focus RS combines high levels of torque and horsepower, and all-wheel drive with Dynamic-Torque Vectoring, for a high level of handling, grip and cornering speed,” said Henry Ford III, Ford Performance marketing manager. “RS Adrenaline Academy provides an opportunity for drivers to learn the capabilities of their cars on a closed road course with professional instruction and ample course time. This will be an exciting experience, one that owners will never forget!”

What’s even better the lucky owners don’t even need to use their owners vehicles as The Ford Performance Racing School will provide Focus RS cars for the duration of the couse. The cars will be fitted with full safety equipment – for participants’ use in all exercises.

“We are looking forward to the first season of the RS Adrenaline Academy,” said Dan McKeever, president, Ford Performance Racing School. “The Focus RS delivers a premium driving experience and our school is the perfect venue to demonstrate just what it can do. Our professional instructors can help anyone take their driving expertise to the next level, whether a beginner or an experienced driver.”

Track Driving School Ford
Ford also provide an ST performance driving school

While Focus RS owners will be responsible for their travel and hotel costs, Ford will cover costs of the driving school in its entirety. There will be an optional second day tuition which is the Mustang GT performance driving program however this would be paid for by the participants. Options for owners to bring guests will also be available.

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Mk3 Focus RS UK Owners Driving Course

For UK owners there has been no such announcement of similar plans however as ever we are keen to help our members so if any UK members feel as if they would be interested in a similar course please leave your name on this thread.

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