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Mine’s been in their workshop for a week while Ford decides where the oil leak is from…. So while it’s in I’ve ordered some MT bits and the 375 software remap… doing it as Hardware + Software, not the “kit” so I can pick what colour pipes I want. (Doing the charge pipe etc)

Big thumps up for Dan at Jackson Ford…  great guy and dealership… thanks to a mutual friend it’s such a find to have a Ford dealership who are so much more than a bunch of fitters! ….  People who are genuinely interested and care about customers cars and offer a bespoke service…… A world away from a “Ford Store”

Hopefully (If MT get their supply issues sorted)  I’ll have (most) of the hardware done this week and the car back….    Then the  mapping in a week or two’s  time when the leak repair is re checked….   I’ve done just over 3K, so time seemed right 😉

Magnetic Grey with all the best bits

FPM375/COBB/MSD-  Quaife LSD,  DSC+Tractive  Suspension,  HJS200 cell sports cat and MT Cooler. Sync3 upgrade.

UK seller for DSC & Tractive  Active suspension. 

DSC Modules – Back order-No ETA !!

TracTive Suspension kit  – £3350 inc   

Jacking Blocks – Reserve to buy. £21

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