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Hi guys,

Just to clear it up a bit, we’ve been testing the same Focus RS, on the same Pre-Production STG2 Software on multiple dynos, in the hope to collate all the data together and create an informative piece on differences between Dynos.

For example. On Revo’s in-house Dyno (DynaPack Hub Dyno) we see around 550/560Nm and 370/375whp(wheel power). We then took the vehicle to 2 other dyno’s within the same week to compare figures. On a SuperFlow dyno, the vehicle made 549Nm and 376BHP(Flywheel). On the MaHa, the vehicle made 557Nm and 419.8bhp(Flywheel). On this Dyno Developments the vehicle suddenly made 690Nm and 415bhp(Flywheel)

The reason we use the DynaPack is because of it’s consistency, we use no tuning correction factor on the figures, just look at the raw figures with no correction for IAT/Ambient Pressure etc. we can safely say the Focus RS in STG2 specification is around 400+/-BHP, even at a basic loss of 10% of the 375whp figure, that’s around 410bhp at the wheels.

Please note that the software and hardware on the vehicle hasn’t changed. This is just differences between dyno’s. the car still does the same 100-200km/h times on the road, still the same 0-60MPH and feels exactly the same when driving it. Just goes to show a dyno figure needs to be taken lightly.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion with the 510lbft figure you see above, just so happens, on that dyno, on that day, that’s the figure it made… W