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Chris @ C1-R

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I wanted someone independent to try them out as its all well and good me saying oh yes they’re the best thing since sliced bread but hearing it from someone who has used lots of different cars with various brake options i thought would be a bit more impartial and fair. So i’m sure evo6rss will come on and give his impartial view. For the time being see his initial thoughts from his instagram posts.

” Stage 1 performance brake upgrade for the #mk3focusrs.
Initial review and some general comments.. I am sure that most owners will agree, the brakes on the latest #ford #RS are far from woeful. However as with everything in life, there is always room for improvement and enhancement. Personally I found the brakes on the car lacked initial bite, with bite and performance dropping off as brake temperature increased as well as the pedal getting longer and softer if you continued to press on. Not a situation that inspires confidence in car that will cover ground as quickly as an RS.. the softness of the pedal was clearly the standard brake lines expanding, the lack of performance and wooden feeling the pad compound reaching the ceiling of it operating range. So what to do.. after some initial conversations with Chris, he suggested #endless pads, in the ME20 compound, #goodridge lines and Castrol SRF fluid. Chris has plenty of experience with this compound in time attack cars and endless Europe reported that they worked very well in the #GTR on the road.

So what do I think.. wow in a word. Initial bite is much higher than the standard pad and braking response is very powerful and linear, you can really drive the car up to corners now, giving it the full beans between corners having confidence you can just hit the pedal into the next braking zone. The car really feels like it could use some more power between the corners now.. NVH is an important aspect on any road car, there’s no getting away from it, whilst we love to think #becuaseracecar, squealing and grinding pads at low speeds are a proper pain in the preverbal for a daily driver. I can confirm that the low speed behaviour is perfect and the pads compound selected works as well if not better from cold than the standard Brembo pad.

Because the RS comes fitted with a super sport compound tyre from the factory, you can exploit the additional braking performance available, without the ABS systems activating prematurely or the brakes snatching, as an indication it was 9 deg/c and damp this morning during the evaluation. I would expect even better performance on the optional Cup 2 tyre on warm dry tarmac..”