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Louie Coppellotti

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My car goes to Haynes tomorrow for the PDC fix. I have just had this info from the service manager regarding the Oil consumption fix…..Please don’t shoot the messenger or the service manager as this has come direct from ford.

Hi Louie

I thought I’d pop you a message to let you know there has been a new FSA issued on your car overnight, it is actually linked to another issue I’ve seen on the forum relating to low oil level concerns, Ford have recognised the issue now and have released a new software update to allow the PCM to more accurately predict the oil change intervals needed. They are also recommending more frequent checks of the oil level. 

I know this may not be the fix everyone was hoping for but I suppose at least it’s a step in the right direction while they look further into the oil consumption. 

I’ve added the update on to the job sheet for tomorrow so rest assured we will take care of this too.



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