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Hi Peter,

From my own testing of multiple cars and multiple dynos which either run WHP or FWHP I’ve seen usually the hub figures are usually 5% higher than WHP and 10% lower than FWHP.  The dyno I’ve been comparing with lately is a local Ford tuning garage, our last comparisons were on a tuned Volvo C30 2.5 turbo and these figures rang true again.  If anyone asks me what the figures are I’ll give out hub figures but also explain the possible correction (fudge) factor.

You’ve said yourself that on a MAHA dyno your test vehicle torque shot up over 100Nm , how many repeated runs did you do?

I understand that only STG1 software is released from Revo at present, the reason behind saying we were going to test a stock, revo tuned and MSD tuned cars was because at a previous dyno day these 3 cars were ran one after the other on a dyno dynamics rolling road and it would be good to get another comparison, not to make any big and shouty claims as I’m not a software developer for these cars.