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Thanks,  does it reduce or stop the tugging or lurching to one side when say overtaking on a B road with your foot down.  So people reports as quite bad, I’ve only experienced it once or twice.  It can feel sometimes the front will go where it wants !

I had thought about the whole box, just to much right now, plus I doubt I’ll go past the 375 official power upgrade, plus hoses etc.


Magnetic Grey with all the best bits

FPM375/COBB/MSD-  Quaife LSD,  DSC+Tractive  Suspension,  HJS200 cell sports cat and MT Cooler. Sync3 upgrade.

UK seller for DSC & Tractive  Active suspension. 

DSC Modules – Back order-No ETA !!

TracTive Suspension kit  – £3350 inc   

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