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Not sure if this would help. (From Ford Owners)

After a lot of searching, reading and translating, I came across direct links to Ford servers hosting the official EU upgrade files for Sync 2. No need to sign up to the Ford India website, just download, extract to the root of a FAT32 formatted USB stick and away you go.

I did use the Ford India website to determine which language pack matches to my VIN for use in the UK. It shouldn’t really matter as all EU language packs include British English, but I get a bit OCD so wanted to know which one Ford would use. That turned out to be Language Pack 5.

I have read that you may need a minimum of the F4 SD card or newer, however everyone with Sync 2 in the EU should have F4 following the recall (if you have Nav fitted).

Here is the full list of the Oct 15 update, if you are not from the UK, but another EU country, you need to make sure you download the correct language pack to include the language you want to be able to speak (and have spoken) to the car in:


Language Pack 1 – German, English (British), Russian, Turkish:



Language Pack 2 – German, English (British), Polish, Russian:



Language Pack 3 – German, English (British), French, Italian:



Language Pack 4 – German, English (British), French, Swedish:



Language Pack 5 – English (British), Spanish, French, Portuguese:

http://ivsu.binaries.ford.com/swparts/Gen2v38build15128updatepackageEULangpack5Rev2.zip – This is the one I used


Language Pack 6 – German, English (British), French, Dutch:



US/NA Only (for our cousins across the pond):



Once you have downloaded and extracted the zip to the root of a USB drive (min 2GB formatted as FAT32), you need to remove all other USB sticks/devices from the ports on the car (Nav SD can be left in), then start the engine and turn off auto/stop start. Plug the USB in and it should auto detect the update files, then just follow the on screen instructions. You need to give yourself at least 30 mins for the update to install, in that time you can drive the car, but remember that anything normally displayed on the screen will not be available (rear view cam, sensor distance, etc.).

Big thanks to this post on focus fanatics for the url and available files.