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    First glimpse of the Airtec Cooling Solutions Focus RS intercooler upgrade shown here on the Auto Specialists demo car.


    Airtec Mk3 Focus RS intercooler


    Danny Umaar

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    Is this the best intercooler for around 400bhp

    Umaar out



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    Not the best but i think its the cheapest and easily good enough for well over 400bhp. I’d probably say mishimoto is the best just looking at dimensions and build if you’re after the best though. ETS is really good aswell. A guy running 600bhp on the ETS one



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    Norris Designs do a really good intercooler rated at 925 bhp

    This is our custom built in house intercooler which bolts on behind the stock bumper but requires cutting of the rear section of crash bar, it cools and has sufficient airflow for 925Hp. It features a superb Garrett Bar and plate core, not to be compared with a cheaper and inferior tube and fin cores offered by some others. This kit also comes with custom pipework to connect the intercooler all the way from turbo to throttle body. Made with lightweight and durable mandrel bent aluminium tubing.


    RS Edition.

    FPM375 Rocks

    The rest of the “M” maps suck



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    I just bought a mishimoto because it.was a very good.reduced price but was too going to get an airtec ,isn’t this on the most powerful rs from devil’s 700 plus bhp

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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