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    Peter Guenther


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    First car Jeep CJ5 @ 15yrs after driving in mountainous terrain for years in a Suzuki LJ50 soft top, 3cyl 2-stroke on 31″ tyres.

    Gave up the Jeep after less than a year of licensed driving, lol, what a dynamic disaster which didn’t mind popping drum brake wheel cylinder seals.

    Replaced by a Mitsubishi GB Galant club spec rally car – ran a handfull of rallies until Uni strapped funding couldn’t keep pace with mechanical consumption (scratching the roof then later bending the boot 45deg to the right didn’t help much either). <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>This</span> is still not out of my system.

    A string of similar period play things, Datsun 510, Mazda RX3, 2x RX2 coupe…one ‘spare, one ‘developed’ and owned of 20yrs and forced to give up by SWMBO on the arrival of an 03 WRX Hatch (Daily driver enhanced to address some Subaru’s short comings).

    Some (ultra) mundane jiggers in there too, Subaru DL Wagon (x2 & more my wife’s actually), and VW Tiguan TDI (tuned with Bilsteins).

    Spent 5yrs running snow cats in Aust, US & Eu, still ski and still dabble in the gates, just for fun. Managed to do some downhill training last year in Canada. Bucket list – tick!

    Used to manufacture full suspension mountain bike frames, early proto’s in carbon then Easton aluminium. Unique 4-bar linkage rear suspension that still, 20yrs later meets or betters most of the current market by decoupling chain torque from suspension, suspension movement from pedal action and brake loads from suspension action…almost got there as a business but gave up to raise a family.

    Still hurts.

    Active cyclist, raced XC MTB (inside the to 20 National level and 15 on a good ride – still not good enough to do anything useful with it) until chronic patella tendinitis put paid to that agenda but, actually, don’t miss the suffering THB.

    Replace MTB with Moto, enduro since ’05, but promised not to ‘ride competitively’, so only socially  on the weekends; currently on a ’17 Husky FE350 and loving it,. Expect the ‘par for course’ injuries.

    2 young daughters, 1 wife, 1 doberman x rotti.

    Had my Nitrous Blue RS since Aug 16 after 12mths wait. Bit like the gorgeous, toey but slightly askew girlfriend…irresistible, entertaining yet inevitably, a route to imminent complications.




    And I’m in with both feet!




    UK - England

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    Wow what an introduction, welcome Peter any pics to share please

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    He-he, well done Pete and welcome. The only Aussie I know is Scott Chipperfield – and he is more into football because he used to crash his cars from time to time after too many Foster’s 😎

    Revo Stage 1 – JCR super low seating frame – Mishimoto gas pedal spacer – DSC sport controller

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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