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    I used 95 in my RS once. (The Shell station on the A46 just off the A1 at Newark was closed for refurbishment, so I used the other filling station across the road)

    As soon as I pulled out back onto the A46 dual carriageway and put my foot down to accelerate up to the speed of traffic flow I could tell the engine really didn’t like it.

    Car didn’t pull as smoothly or accelerate as cleanly as it had always done on it’s consistent diet of Momentum and V-Power.

    For sanity’s sake, if you buy and drive a performance car, at least feed it on performance fuel…

    Yours Aye

    Mark H

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    To each his own.


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    Have to agree V-Max.

    Watching that Vicky HB video £4 odd for 5 bhp is pretty good value

    RS Edition.

    FPM375 Rocks

    The rest of the “M” maps suck

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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