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    Charlie Ian

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    Has any one got advice about car insurance and which is the best company to go with for price,, second car security which is the best to have a tracker or immobiliser or alarm system and does any one use a disklok



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    Welcome Charles

    Loads on here including myself have gone for:

    Ghost immobiliser , recommend Chris Preston fits this as he is the Guru for Ghosts on RS’s


    Faraday Pouch for keys

    Insurance as ever varies a lot depending on postcode, claims history, age etc. LV / Avila seem popular

    enjoy your RSing

    Club shop is good for security items

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    Loads of car washing and waxing at the moment





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    As yorkirs says,,ghost installed by Christopher Preston,,disk lock,,faraday pouch & turn keyless entry off.




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    For Car insurance I found very reasonable. And even cheaper with multi car…

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    @Charles, agree with above. Have a look in the club shop on security, Ghost, disklock ect good luck 👍

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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