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    Ive decided that this will be the first car that im going to clean myself.Having invested in a foam lance, think ive got the washing bit sorted but interested in if anyone has any recomendations on products for cleaning alloy wheels(ph neutral), tyre gel, exterior rubber and plastics, waxes and polishes for body work. So many products out there ranging in price massively its difficult to know where to start. Any advice appreciated, Thanks



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    I just bought myself this after being recommended by a local detailer



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    Hi @mudslinger

    Let me know if your impressed with the results, tempted to have my car detailed but if these products are easy to use and produce may just do it myself and save £££’s



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    I follow AMDetails on Youtube, they do some great vids on car cleaning and have done a few RS’ and are just recently starting to release some how to vids. They are a professional detailing company and sell their own products which they use in the vids so I am happy using their products as well.



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    I’ve decided to invest in some new detailing products so I have purchased some of the Chemical Guys products as their ‘how to’ videos are really good on YouTube.

    I’ve also found Slim’s Detailing to be a really good website for buying the products.

    Just need to wait for my car now ?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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