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    Lorcan Brophy

    United Kingdom

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    When I was in my Teens in the late 80’s roaring around southern Ireland in my Mk1 XR2 (Wish I still had that now) I would longingly watch the “Old Boys”in their MKII’s and BM M3’s and the Calibra Turbos etc etc. and wish the Fiesta was…Well… More…

    Then, every now and again I would spot a Cossie, Escort or Even Sierra, but this mostly happened with the Escort… Oh Wow would I bitterly think how wasted that brand New Escort Cosworth was on the Old Men that could afford them and vowed one day………

    That was then…and then there was 2 marriages and 4 kids and no Escort Cosworth later.. This is NOW… I am now that Old man, waiting on delivery of the spiritual successor of those Escort Cosworth, my brand new Focus RS… And I Vow if I see the teenager.. In his 1.6s Focus some time….. longingly looking at the Old Man in the RS and I see in his eyes that he is thinking what a waste.

    Ill Stop!.. and tell him to, Get in, Sit Down, Belt Up, Shut up and HANG ON! and dispel the thought that it is in anyway wasted on me!….

    I’m Lorcan waiting on my Nitrous Blue Focus RS that apparently wont be with me till this time next year, wherein I will be yet another year older….

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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