DSC – The Unfair Advantage……….

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    In high priced Switzerland we are accustomed to such peanut amounts. It’s less than a set of tyres. Think, my Rosie costed me 44,000£ at the current exchange rate, VAT included 😉




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    @9designs how do we get in touch with you directly?



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    @71BDA,     that all most reads like a U turn or climb down !!!!   What next an apology ?    ROFL….

    Not heard or quite see the Ford unit taking anymore data other than what drive mode you have selected and whether the stalk button has been pushed.  It doesn’t actively change the dampers from dynamic inputs, just alters the biasing current as per all previous DSC explanations.  It’s not “mag ride” like the Mustang option. The rest sounds like good analogies though.

    Re the price, well you would need to experience it before knowing if you thought it offered value for money.   It’s comparable or cheaper to a replacement exhaust, a 375 kit, an LSD,  etc etc.  So isn’t out of place in the world of RS mods.     It is bespoke developed and relatively low volume, so isn’t like buying a cheap stereo from China,  more akin to something developed in Salisbury or Glasgow.

    @momo,  mail me at  9designstechserv@gmail.com    As you appear to be in Canada I would think someone local or direct to DSC will be more cost effective?

    Magnetic Grey- Just door protectors away from being full spec.

    FPM375, Full MT Blue charge pipe kit, Quaife LSD, MT Springs, DSC Suspension Control Unit, MT- Short shift, PTU Brace and Roll Restrictor – LED Sequential rear lights, Shadow Chrome wheels.

    UK seller for DSC Active suspension. 

    DSC Modules In stock, next day dispatch.

    TracTive Damper kits  in stock.    



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    Well BDA’s given his approval on the DSC controller…………………….. wow.

    We can now all use our DSC controllers, and not because loony tunes says so, “Whats up doc“.

    “NO” because the DSC Controller is GREAT !!!!!!


    RS Edition (RED), Sunroof, Door Guards & DSC.

    Mountune Everything, Good Quality (Well Ripped off), Over Priced

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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