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    I recently bought a Red Edition, loving having a fast ford again. Only problem is a really unpleasant droning exhaust.  A mate took it out and commented that it doesn’t sound good, just unpleasant. The Mrs uses it and is not impressed either 🤣

    Had it into Ford and was unsurprised its not standard. I’m having FPM 375 fitted and Ford have told me a replacement standard exhaust is 1800 quid! That feels a lot for something I’m guessing isn’t even stainless steel.

    So, the question is do I just go back to standard, or is there a high quality exhaust out there that doesn’t sound like someone’s punched a hole in the silencer?

    I know most are looking to go the other way, so I’m struggling with finding the answer in the forum.



    Pauly Paul

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    Hi Paul and welcome unfortunately I’m not the person to advise you, but I know there a lot of RS enthusiasts on this forum  who have dabbled in the exhaust areas , so I’m sure someone will steer you in the right direction, take care look after her , the car i mean , oh and you’re other half . 🤣🤣👍👍



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    Hi Paul , I have a mountune exhaust fitted and can guarantee no droning . But still has a good sound.



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    I have the Mountune V3 exhaust and sports Cat and it sounds great but damn it’s loud on start up. I’m half tempted to swap the back box back to the standard unit but will stick with it for a while longer before deciding.

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    I was toying with a mountune V3 catback will have to wait until insurance renewal as they wanted another £150 on top! Which is a joke. Can’t believe Ford want £1800 for a standard when the V3 is better and around £1400.



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    Welcome along. Loads of 2nd hand standard exhausts on ebay for around £100.

    Personally have a sports cat and miltek exhaust. No droning at all. 70mph on the motorway, flap closed and you would think its the standard system

    Collins Cp2 map. Ramair induction. Mountune mud flaps. Scorpion Sports Cat. Scorpion Tracker. Wind deflectors. NB washer jets and shark fin aerial. EBC Grooved discs, YellowStuff pads. Airtec Intercooler, Miltek cat back with titanium tips. Collins quickshift. DSC Controller



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    Welcome to the forum.

    Get a remote valve controller, that will sort out your cold start noise.

    Got a J9 fitted to mine.

    FPM 375 & DS 2+ iMap

    DSC  Controller

    Tractive Suspension

    Mountune V3 Cat Back

    Mishimoto Intercooler


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    Loads of advice for you on here, no droning on my resonated Miltek.




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    This weekend fitted the J9 controller to replace the previous delete plug and had the Scorpion non-res Cat Back (valved). Valve closed its perfect. A little more rumble than OEM on start up and very neighbour friendly. On the open road, switch the valve open and…Oh my!. Drove all the way back from Deemon Tweeks in Wrexham with windows down. Absolutely freezing but a massive grin ear to ear!


    Pauly Paul

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    I have a mountune v3 with sports cat and a j9 exhaust controller, sounds lovely with no drone at all even with the valve open, close the valve on cold start and it’s no louder than standard to keep the neighbors happy👍🏻



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    I have scorpion non res with sports cat, j9 controller is a must….. but I’m just starting to look for a full miltek res system, or something that is quiet. Want to be even more stealth, with a surprise 😂

    Only downside to my system is the valve rattles its tits off when closed 🤨

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