Exhaust pops and bangs becoming non existant

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    I have had my RS 2 months now ans when I first bought it the exhaust would pop and bang all the time in sport mode and occasionally in normal.

    I pretty much run it in sport all the time now as I find it nicer to drive and wish it could be set to stay in sport but that’s another story…..


    Over the past 2 months the pops and bangs (in sport) have become random and less and less, to the point that my last 20 mile run I had ZERO pops when driven pretty hard….

    I am currently using Tesco 99 fuel, the pops were less after a good spirited drive tan when I just had the odd point and squirt?


    Any help / ideas?


    Sticking exhaust valve? Crap fuel? ECU brain fart?



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    Try some wd40 up the tail pipe



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    Mine pops and bangs a lot more on point and squirt type of driving, if I come off a dual carriageway or motorway tends not to do it so much

    Think it may be due to running cooler on longer runs, fuel not igniting in the exhaust so easily??



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    I find baked beans for breakfast followed by lager then chicken vindaloo produces enough pops and bangs for me  thank you!!! And don’t mention squirts!!



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    Only had a couple out of mine

    and sounded more like wet farts



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    Take your foot off the throttle quicker, if you do it to slow it won’t pop is what I found. Now remapped it just pops anyway.

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    Lol post deleted.


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    I have noticed this today. Pops and bangs have gone from really easy to get and today they are extremely hard to make happen? I have deleted the exhaust flap so that can’t be the issue. Maybe it’s the ECU not playing ball when i want haha

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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