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    Anyone into detailing their cars?

    If so what products do you use?



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    Gyeon Kenny, best stuff Ive ever seen/used. Already got a bit to maintain the car but I can seriously recommend getting the MOHS ceramic coating. Just starts you off on the right track. Ultimately makes cleaning as easy as snow foam on, then rinse off. Job done!

    Got a good snow foam lance and a new K2 Karcher cheap off Amazon (good lance though), just need some new buckets for the once monthly mitt wash and for wheels. Am then ready to go in six to ten more days for first rinse off when coatings have fully hardened.

    Take a look at Elite Car Care or Polished Bliss. Etc for bits to buy. Quite self explanatory but any qus just ask.



    Ben Woods

    UK - England

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    The following is only my opinions all based on having and trying a ton of different brands and also having a detailer that rents a space in my unit and does some amazing work. Recently got an audi a5 which i collected from the dealer in all the plastic and took it straight to my unit which had a full decontamination and multiple stage paint correction then it had a product call Nanolex si3d applied to the body work and dodo juice ceramic coating applied to the wheels. The finish is brilliant but all comes down to the preparation and how much time you put in to getting the paint right before any thing is applied. The durability of the the product is awesome with it being 6 months and only washed once a month with a  strict maintenance regime. Other products I have used in the past include g techniq and kamikaze, dodo, poor boys, meguiars, swissvax and the list goes on. I have a lot of speed detailers now all claiming to add nano paint protection to paintwork but I am yet to see the duration and results over time. I personally work through many products to find what works with my current vehicle and stick to that. Old fashioned wax seems to have taken a back seat over the ceramic coatings in the last few years but I personally sometimes think a good wax is great for enhancing the paint and making the colours pop.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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