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    Has anyone fitted the forge short shifter , if so any good , looking for a good short shifter , but not mountunes one



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    alright peter


    have been looking at these two just to give you ideas what else is out there


    Auto Specialists Performance Quickshift



    let me know what you go for in the end as I have been looking at this as well.

    • Magnetic, Forge wheels, Edge Protectors , Lux Pack & Recaro Shell Seats
    • Dreamscience Imap Ultimate 3  
    • Dmb Gel Badges Nitrous Blue
    • Rallyflapz Kaylan Black 
    • Team Heko Wind defectors Dark 
    • Milltek Decat/Downpipe
    • Airtec SSC Black
    • Airtec Stage 2 Air Intake Black & Nitrous Blue 
    • Airtec Rear Diffuser Black 
    • ST suspension 12.5mm spacers
    • Forge recirculating valve
    • yellow fog lights 
    • Airtec Nitrous Blue rear diff cooler 
    • 10% tint on rear lights 
    • Satin black window louver vents
    • Airtec short shifter set @ 40%
    • Valve delete mod
    • Bonnet struts 
    • Solid shifter bushes 
    • 1 step colder spark plugs NGK 
    • Engine dress up screw kit
    • body colour coded washer jets 
    • Airtec intercooler
    • Airtec boost pipes
    • Clubsport 4 point roll cage in nitrous blue
    • 3 point securon harness x2 
    • Driver side JCR lowered seat rail 


    UK - England

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    I’m looking in to this as well.

    Would love to know if anyone out there has got one…..

    Dont know which one to go for.




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    I can highly recommend the Breedt Shift arm. I have it set to 40% reduction. I also replaced the rubber bushing on the shift arm bracket with solid ones and replaced the cable bushings with solid bushings. Now the shifts are short, smooth and solid like a bolt action rifle.


    This is a billet alum replacement arm for the heavy stock cast iron unit. Has 4 pivot point choices plus two of which moves the shifter forward 25mm. Gets rid of the heavy stock shifter feel. Give your shifter a speedy feel with notchy positive shifts and more mechanical connection to your car.

    P1 24% reduction plus moves shifter forward 25mm
    P2 39% reduction plus moves shifer forward 25mm
    P3 40% reduction stock shifter location
    P4 25% reduction stock shifter location

    Available in black, blue and red anodizing.




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    Actually the Auto Specialists arm looks to be EXACTLY the same as the Breedt. (same company?) The only thing I notice different is if you look at the Auto Specialists arm on their site it looks like they re use the same pin to hold the arm on the shaft. The Breedt one includes a nut and bolt to replace the pin. The pin is the biggest pain in changing the arm. With the nut and bolt if you ever have to take the arm off for any reason it will be a lot easier.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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