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    UK - England

    Posts: 111

    Due to pick my RS up soon and was wondering on average what mpg you guys are achieving



    UK - Wales

    Posts: 180

    Best i got is 21 mpg



    UK - Scotland

    Posts: 3869

    £20 fuel from the dealer last 100 miles for me. Filled it up tonight with £50 and said 303 miles left in the tank.



    UK - England

    Posts: 762

    25 mpg, trying to be careful, got a full tank on delivery though 🙂

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    UK - England

    Posts: 109

    Average of 25mpg after 2000 miles.


    stuart cameron

    UK - Scotland

    Posts: 192

    Miss Daisy here on 29.5mpg just about to hit 2000 mls.



    UK - England

    Posts: 10021

    Nearly 1800 miles in and getting 29mpg. Dropped from 31 mpg to 29mpg over winter. I’m sure it will go back up again now the weather is improving ?

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    Ian Cleaver

    United Kingdom

    Posts: 33

    Around 28Mpg for me, but just for fun, Mallory Park I used 3 full tanks of fuel and averaged 6.4MPG 🙂


    66 Nitrous Blue, Sync 3, lux pack, black forged alloys, Nitrous callipers. Custom eTune, short shift, Miltech back and sport cat, revo roll restrictor, RamAir induction, airtec intercooler, uprated recirc and SSC  ???



    UK - England

    Posts: 116

    Have nursed 27 out of it on a long run, average after 3,500 miles is 22.5 MPG



    UK - England

    Posts: 376

    Best I saw was 89 mpg

    that was coasting down dartford crossing



    UK - England

    Posts: 111

    Thanks for that ! Looks like I maybe looking for a second job then



    United Kingdom

    Posts: 195

    31mpg average consumption since new – November and 1,900 miles.

    Looking toward to the opportunity for some longer jaunts and 45mpg………….






    UK - Scotland

    Posts: 117

    ive had mine mine since January had 1300 miles when i got it and now has 2100  miles , my mpg doesnt seem to change 22.5 / 22.4 not alot of motorway driving and always in sport mode everytime i drive .



    UK - England

    Posts: 8092

    Tuesday night mine was at 7 mpg when I picked it up with 7 miles on it, i’ve now done 125 miles and it says 25mpg, so I reckon if you forget the first gallon in 7 miles it has used 4 gallons in the last 118 miles so will be 29.5 mpg  !! thats what I’m hoping, been varying the speed and load, no motorway cruising and not been over 4000rpm and about half throttle yet… loving it loving it loving it

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    UK - England

    Posts: 31

    Wow, I did my first 1600 miles before I reset the clocks (after oil change) and was averaging 23MPG but that was only after my 350 mile round trip to York on a weekend. averaging 21.4 before that. Seen some people getting up closer to 30MPG, do you all do a lot of motorway driving as 90% of mine is town/city driving.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 48 total)
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