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    Alix Staneff

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    How many miles do

    you need to

    do before u can Have some fun with it?



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    Hi Alix, take it easy for the first 1500 miles vary your revs try not pushing past 4500rpm to often. Keep a close eye on the coolant/oil levels. Enjoy and happy RS’ing

    PS welcome and congratulations

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    1000-1500 I’d say as per bobcats post. Mind you as soon as the odo hit 1000, I went WOT.

    If you go WOT or 4k+ rpm below 1000 miles, your pistons may not seat correctly.


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    My dealer told me not to take it over 3500 rpm for first 500 miles then let it have it, you don’t have to take it over that to have fun anyway? Enjoy?



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    Yes really enjoy fab cars



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    I didn’t listen to any of the above.

    2500 miles in and all good here.

    Hopefully my car won’t suddenly explode and kill me?

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy your baby!!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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