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    @chris Preston. Thanks for the reply . Sorry my fault. Impatient 🙂

    Full spec red edition ? standard



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    I will NOT be having a Ghost fitted to my next Focus RS Mk3.

    RS Edition.

    FPM375 Rocks

    The rest of the “M” maps suck


    Chris Preston

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    @white-rs2 Are you going to share with us why ? just write the same on all the Ghost related posts on this forum which I’ve lost count of personally but as your writing on them all have a count up for us



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    nice responce , the place that fitted mine told me id have to accept the fault codes as the car is fighting the ghost ! needless to say i uninstalled it at the mo to prove to them its the ghost not the car !

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    Hi Chris Preston, I’m booked in with Autowatch, a guy called Luke for a Ghost and tracker to be fitted in Minworth, Birmingham. After reading on here about some installers not fitting them correctly, do you know if he’s a reputable installer? Or has anyone else used him? Thanks.



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    How much have you been quoted Tony?


    Alan Pearson

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    Andy, I had the drive mode and engine cutting out issue on my RS yesterday! It happened 6 times in a row! Did you have any more issues or was it down to timing? Think I was starting before the flashes?



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    i have had my ghost system installed a couple of months without a single issue. you must let the indicators flash before starting or it might throw in random errors (i was told). assuming the installation was completed by a competent person. my installer had to plug a digi box into the car post instal to clear faults, they never returned. i think it was the car rejecting the ghost initially when it sensed it was wired in.

    it may help if you get the ghost app £9,99 and worry no longer because that does the coding for you. you still need to wait for the flashes however. this is a small price to pay for the security of you car! and peace of mind!

    press the start button once, code (or app), flashes complete (2off), wait a second and press start again to fire up the monster.



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    I will echo what chris preston stated. My car has been in ford for a few things and i know battery has been of for a few days as tracker people kept messaging me. Mine always starts first time. Far to many people out there who havnt a clue and should nit be fitting these. I travelled to chris’ home address, few hours each way but worth it for peace of mind. Good bloke who knows his stuff.



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    Power magic pro if installed appropriately has no issue with stop-start on mk3.

    Old but of interest…




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    Thought this might be of interest here.

    I was having exactly the same issues as some of the others here when I started the car with Ghost and I was getting the Drive Mode unavailable and Belt Minder message (which incidently I took to Fords who had no idea what this was…)

    Anyway, it was all down to how I was starting the car… I was depressing the clutch, Start, disarm, then Start again.

    I just tried the method suggested earlier, Start, disarm, start and got no warning messages. So seems that pressing the clutch does screw the system up.

    Now it means I can get it into Sport mode that much earlier…

    Hope this helps.



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    You are correct. If you screw up the sequence, you get warning codes. This was explained to me when I had it installed. Every now and again I drop the ball and get a problem but it’s me, not the Ghost. Great product if it’s fitted correctly. Gives me massive peace of mind.


    NB FPM375



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    No problems with my install by Chris Preston over 3 years ago. As said, if you are a bit sharp on the buttons it can throw errors.

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    @andy thornton

    I don,t know if it,s me or the ghost,Started normally then pulled away and car cut out-seat belt minder /ford assist not available ,earlier started car in driveway and it started and cut out,maybe i,m to quick on the buttons and rushing it any thought,s Been fitted 2 days.


    i know this is a old thread, but I’m experiencing the exact problems as you posted, just wondering how you sorted it out????



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    @tmorris2009, just a thought……. try putting the battery on charge for 24/36 hours, as low battery can throw up error codes.

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