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    Hi, I’m new to the forum, but have lurked since ordering my SB RS Mk3.  I’ve done nearly 300 miles now, with no issues discovered.  I hope by not including the numberplate in the image I’m not contravening the site’s t&c’s on nudity!  To all those waiting for their order, hang on in there – it’s definitely worth the wait.


    RS Mk3



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    Welcome along @Mysteron

    Car looks very mean in Shadow Black good choice. Nice to see the silver calipers aswell!

    Whats the plans for the car?



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    very nice………….



    United Kingdom

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    Thank you Kenny.

    I hijacked one of my dealer’s orders, so couldn’t change the spec’ to blue calipers, without going to the back of the waiting list.  Otherwise, it had everything on it I wanted, so a three month wait instead of 12-14 months – a no brainer really.  I toyed with the idea of painting the calipers, but once the beast arrived I was happy to keep them silver.

    Not sure what, if any, plans I have for the car yet, although there is no shortage of inspiration on this forum!  I didn’t do anything to my blue ST3 and UG RS Mk2 when I had them, and potential buyers of the latter liked that it hadn’t been modified etc, which surprised me.   My wife is already telling me I don’t need to modify the Shadow Black, so I must be talking and thinking about it in my sleep!   Only time will tell.




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    Hi Mike…..looking good although not quite as good as the magnetic one a few doors down from you haha. Heard you poppin and bangin the other day……nice.

    My next mod will be mudflaps I reckon to keep all the crud from our roads at bay.

    Keep it clean…..keep it mean !!




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    Thanks Rich, it was gonna be MG or SB, and you helped me make my decision!  I think we both made the right choice.   Hope you’ve now settled on a username – I like it.

    Heard you too the other day, going along the top road I think, just after you drove past the house.  It sounded awesome.  It’s a pity you don’t get to hear the full effect in the cabin.

    She’ll get her first clean this week, all being well.  Just spent a small fortune on products.   I never bothered with mudflaps on the Mk2, but they’re probably a shrewd investment now.

    I got a half decent shot of both cars together last week in Tesco carpark.   I’ll post it once I work out how to airbrush the numberplates.




Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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