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    Daniel Mason

    United Kingdom

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    Hi Evryone

    Just thought i should introduce myself,

    Im Dan from Birmingham. HUGE Ford fan lol

    Sadly im nowhere near rich enough to own a RS of any sort but i have had a fair few Mk3 Granadas and Scorpios from the 2.0l to the 24v Cosworths. Got my own facebook group especially for them.

    I went to see the Mk3 RS at my local Ford when they first got it, just to have a proper look at it and i loved it. I didnt touch it at all though lol everyone else was sitting in it, opening the doors etc but i just felt like i shouldn’t if its not mine lol Hopefully i’ll own on one day. Looking forward to Ford Fair, hopefully see a few more there. Somehow ive never actually been before, done the RSOC at Santa Pod a few times but never Ford Fair, should be good.

    Anyway thanks for having me




    UK - Scotland

    Posts: 3869

    Welcome Dan. Sounds as if you are a Ford man so great to have you along.

    What did you think of Ford Fair?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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