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    Robert Harrison


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    Not so new to my RS (october 2016) but I am however new to the forum now that i’m seriously looking to upgrade my car now.

    I just had a few questions the main one being that about a month ago I received a letter from my local ford dealer saying i needed to bring the car in for a ‘Drivetrain Update’ which the guy ended up telling me is just an ECU flash. And since all iv’e noticed is that it’s just really alot quieter and doesn’t make nearly as many pops and bangs from the exhaust, which has i suppose prompted me to look at an aftermarket exhaust.

    Does anyone I suppose know what the recall for the update was for exactly? Or if anyone else who did noticed the same thing.

    The second question would be what exhaust should I be looking at? The idea of getting the Mountune Axleback sounded pretty good to me since it would link up nicely to the M380 kit also (i was reading the tune that comes with the handset has one specifically for that exhaust).

    I would love to hear any feedback or ideas from you guys as to what i should do to my car from this point on, any little things/essentials i should look into?

    I’ll link a picture from last week when i had my tints freshly put on!



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    Hi and welcome Robert

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    Good to have you on board Robert

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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