How long before we get some decent dampers

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    Too much !!!    Because of importing from the US.    So far to my knowledge no dampers have arrived here yet, my first order is on back order for over 3 months, making Mountune stock level look impressive !

    The better news is I’ve made some progress on improving the situation, hope to have a set and confirmed prices in a couple of weeks.

    Price will be on application though,  had enough hassle with malicious people on various forums trying to derail my attempts to make modules and dampers available to fellow owners.

    Magnetic Grey with all the best bits

    FPM375/DreamScienceU2+, Quaife LSD,  DSC/Tractive  Suspension,  HJS200 cell sports cat and MT Cooler. Sync3 upgrade.

    UK seller for DSC & Tractive  Active suspension. 

    DSC Modules -Pre-order for next batch. £1090

    TracTive Suspension kit  – POA   

    Jacking Blocks – BLUE & Black back in stock soon. £21

    email to:- 


Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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