M450 MRX Power & M520 MRX Power Upgrade Kit – RS

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    I remember an old Pug 106 Rallye I had, that weighed about 875 kilos and felt fun fun fun.   These new cars are weighing in now more than the 1966 Mustangs !! an old 1966 Mustang with a boat anchor lump of straight six 4.1 litre iron would weigh in under 1200 kilos ! and folk thought yanks were heavy ! If these cars didna weigh so much they wouldnt need so much power ( and stress, and high fuel consumption) !! Give me a 1990 Civic VT or Pug 205 1.9Gti, etc and with a little tune they will run rings around these fatboys on a track ! ( and cost a lot less!) The A45 still only has a power to weight ratio of what? 240/tonne ? thats the same as a lickle Caterham with a 50 year old docile tuned Crossflow in !

    No nothing.

    No Mods. No rockers. Just a chunky knob.

    No tackiness.

    Std as Ford intended, but with a space saver wheel and jack and nuts and wheel brace. oh.. and flaps, a man has got to have flaps.




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    I was comparing like for like. RS Mk3 is similar in mass to an A45, but costs a lot less, but as others have said, start spending 15 – 25k on engine mods, suspension, etc…….

    But agreed that old-school hot hatches (e.g. Mk7/8 Fiesta ST) represent a lot of track-car for your money, but that’s a different argument.



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    whilst in jest… not sure i agree with the choc engine comment, its rumored to be good (reliable) up to 400bhp and only becomes choc if you put more through it.

    if you want more bhp…. forge £4K and buy DS remap.


    mike b

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    agreed…what about the M 450???? any takers?



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    Come on folks, Mountune appears to be selling more m520 than Sainsbury’s is selling deep filled mince pies 🥧 (well almost!)

    Must be more than just one of you on here with m520?

    Hew – you pulled the trigger yet?🤓

    I see that Schmee’s in latest vid on YT was taking things very easy – admittedly on slippery tarmac this time of year (no winter tyres?) with his m520.

    Anyone with the torque monster m450, abiet not selling as well as mince pies?

    Festive Regards🎅🏻


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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