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    Idris Sheikh

    United Kingdom

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    Hey guys, I posted a while back about not being a massive fan of the way the RS sounds. I missed the 5pot sound of my old ST, and to be honest, the 4pot ST sounded better/beefier than the new RS, even with a lot of the after market exhausts!

    But after watching the new CJ pony vid with the MBRP exhaust system. I can’t help but think why Ford didn’t choose that sound in the first place. A few problems with the deeper sound on the MBPR, even though they said their is no drone ┬áin other videos there seems to be a lot more, and a lot less pops and bangs. Also MBPR seem to have issues with build quality from what I have read.

    Do you think we can get a system similar to that in the U.K.?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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