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    I sold my BMW M4 in December 16 to release some funds and bought a new Audi s3 8v black edition but kept it for just 5 months, quite a quick car in the straights but completely agree with Johnsy the Audi’s handling is dreadful. Very nearly ordered an Rs3 just for the engine and sound it makes but just couldn’t justify £56k for the spec I wanted – nearly £20k more than my RS and this puts the same smile on my face that I had with the M4. Unlike the M4 though I can drive the RS the way I want in any weather.

    love the the Alfa though – I’m still to be convinced with depreciation on these….



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    Says it all here

    Good spec RS3=54K

    RS = 34-36K

    Tough that one ;0


    Magnetic Grey with all the best bits

    FPM375/COBB/MSD-  Quaife LSD,  DSC+Tractive  Suspension,  HJS200 cell sports cat and MT Cooler. Sync3 upgrade.

    UK seller for DSC & Tractive  Active suspension. 

    DSC Modules – Back order-No ETA !!

    TracTive Suspension kit  – £3350 inc   

    Jacking Blocks – Reserve to buy. £21

    email to:- 




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    Stable mates



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    Gorgeous looking car. I’m an Alfa nut having owned a Alfasud Ti in the 80’s and a 156 Veloce from new. Maybe one day…if only they are stuck a manual in there it would be top of my list.



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    @ fredeng

    My choice of specification was in the region of £65k.  Didn’t want the shell seats due to not being electric ,but add 2k for those if necessary.  Bearing in mind I would personally get a £7k contribution due to my line of work and a good finance rate, for me it would be a no-brainer over any £55k Audi which doesn’t attract anywhere near the same financial incentives.  Add to that – with the Quadrifoglio you are getting a purpose built, from the ground up, 500bhp supercar.  The Giulia range of cars is based upon the Quadrifoglio.  Unlike the Audi and BMW equivalents which are designed and built as basic models and then the Quattro and M divisions take the basic car and modify them with upgrades.



    Cracking stablemates.  Can’t help but think the Quadrifoglio needs a rear badge to identify it to lesser mortals (non-petrolheads). (You and I know what it is due to the carbon spoiler blade and quad exhausts and FULLY FUNCTIONAL PROPER diffuser)



    Apparently the manual gearbox is rubbish and the reason that Alfa UK has gone for the spec it has for the UK.  Truly, the UK spec is far superior to most other countries, which must add a whole heap of expensive extras to come to the same spec as a UK car.

    I’m a manual gearbox car by preference.  However, the 8 speed auto did actually win me over.  The solid milled aluminium shift levers are exquisite.


    Regarding the Audi RS3, it is practically in the same sector as the Mk3 RS, just much, much more expensive.  Audi probably faster by a small amount in the traffic light sprint, which is galling, because we all know the Focus is, overall, probably faster over a country route and a *lot* more enjoyable to drive in the process.  But still you’ll get Audi bell-whacks actually believing they’re superior because of the stupid little sprint they enjoy.  (Same as the BMW M and Merc AMG drivers I witness on regular occasions driving utterly brainlessly ).

    Yours Aye

    Mark H

    // ’17 Nitrous Blue // Forged Alloys // Michelin Super Sports // Painted Calipers // Sync 3 // Lux Pack // Winter Pack // Black Gel Spoiler Badges // Blue Gel Wheel Inserts // GTechniq Liquid Crystal // GTechniq Alloy Armour // sold Jun ’18



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    @Mark Hollywood

    Think you are right about the badge buddy and mentioned the same to my old man, he thinks its nice and discreet!, question to Dad have you seen the size of the exhausts and diffuser…discreet yeah right lol

    Also sounds as though you have/would spec your cars the same, he left the shell seats and ceramic brakes but had everything else, cracking machine though including that very quick 8 speed auto

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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