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    Hello from a new club member.  Enjoying my car very much.  Purchased in July 2017 only 1300 miles showing.  Daily drive



    UK - England

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    Hi and welcome Guy any pics to share please. How are you finding it as a daily drive?


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    UK - England

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    Daily drive great can’t stop however I have to fill up the tank twice a week I guess he is a smile per gallon



    UK - Scotland

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    I love having mine as a daily. Getting to drive it every day it just a pure pleasure. Expensive pleasure but enjoyable (kind of like the Mrs ha)



    UK - Wales

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    Welcome aboard buddy, mines a daily driver too, wouldn’t have it any other way, post some pics when you can :O)



    UK - England

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    Yes mine too is a daily.

    In the great scheme of things it isn’t really that much more expensive as a more economical car, particularly *if you consider it as a hobby* as well as a mode of transport.

    Yours Aye

    Mark H

    // ’17 Nitrous Blue // Forged Alloys // Michelin Super Sports // Painted Calipers // Sync 3 // Lux Pack // Winter Pack // Black Gel Spoiler Badges // Blue Gel Wheel Inserts // GTechniq Liquid Crystal // GTechniq Alloy Armour // sold Jun ’18

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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