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    Shayne Beesley

    UK - England

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    Hi Everyone

    My 1st post, had my red RS a year now.

    ive been researching the VS on here as it’s annoying to say the latest.

    Had PDC switched off recently at service.

    A lot better but veers when overtaking in a straight line.

    Seems like I need to change my Michelin Super Sports for PS4S, DSC  sport v1 controller & full wheel alignment.

    Hopefully fixes the problem going on a spending spree!

    I didn’t expect handling problems on a car like this.

    Apart from that I absolutely love the car!!





    Pauly Paul

    Posts: 1314

    Hi Shayne & welcome, unfortunately RS,s do veer or in our term torque steer , call it what you will our cars no different from most fast fords , I know ford said 4 wheel drive problem solved , sorry NO they do tram line while overtaking or getting wrong rub on white lines , it was a problem in the mk1 which I owned and they where as twitchy as hell , but speaking to a lot of mk1 owners they have solved problem with a few mods , as for our mk3 you can spend £700 £800 quid on some new PS4,s but Many owners have said it doesn’t make any difference, I’m sure the guys on here will steer you in the right direction, no pun intended, great bunch all with great advice, good luck anyway take care.👍👍👍👍



    UK - England

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    Swapping out the old tyres to new PS4s was the biggest change for me with regards to VS. The super sports even tho got lots of tread on them take a look at manufacturers date and I bet it’s about 3/4 years, spend the 800 quid or so and have tracking done at same time and pretty sure you be over moon once u get head round fact you just spent the money 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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