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    Planning for car delivery in a few weeks what’s everyones thoughts on which way to go – I am thinking either front end paint protection to stop the worst of the road debris then wax/sealant the rest of the car or forget PPF and just get the car ceramic coated. Thoughts?


    stuart cameron

    UK - Scotland

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    Kenny, just got mine and had no thoughts about either to be honest, until I saw some of the results folk were getting . I just thought buy a decent polish and put the effort in. I had the Autoglym HD sitting here ready for when  I go it as well as the autoglym  complete kit, so all redundant now.

    Now though going to get it  Gyeon ceramic coated in April. Getting the inside done also. Didn’t like the thought of ppf as eventually  it will show. Reckon also this gives me the best protection from the salt air here.

    Each to there own though as everyone will have a view as to what is best for their own car.



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    I had Gtechniq Crystal serum applied topped up with exo and 4 months on it comes up like new when washed and is silky smooth, the wash mitt just glides over it, not a swirl mark in sight and although i do snowfoam first most of the time, i only use one bucket when washing which for some is sacrilidge.

    I had the front bumper covered in expel film, the only gripe i have is it comes in a kit form and there are small gaps (a few mm) where the film changes direction due to the shape of the bumper, but other than that you have to get up very close to know its on there, wish i’d had the underneath of the sills and rear bumper done as its stone chip city under there now.



    UK - Scotland

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    ceramic coated and PPF thats what i am thing now. already got a ceramic coat on but now have 3 stone chips on the bonnet nice white ones 🙁 . so i am now thinking its the PPF route as well



    United Kingdom

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    Can anybody recommend detailing company for Gyeon ceramic coating and PPF in surrey or hampshire.

    not too sure what Ceramic coats are the best, so many out there and personal preference.

    Im Guildofrd way and car due march so hoping to get companies lined up for the arrival.




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    PPF for me just after picking the car up— 1200 miles so far and no sign of any stone chips yet so think it’s doing its job!!!  I use autoglym hd wax and the PPF is only noticeable at very close quarters, I know a lot of folks go on about other coatings but the hd wax works for me!!!   Also need decent mudflaps primarily to stop chips on sides and rear!   Essential in my opinion!!! Glad you’ll have yours soon Kenny——-enjoy!!!!



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    I went with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light and EXOv3 on mine. Or I will be doing I have the kit but not the car ?

    The price of PPF put me off massively as I wanted the whole car covered quotes of £5000+



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    Had mine ceramic coated GTechniq exo and paint correction at the same time. Finish is so smooth and if you spray a good pre wash over it, then pressure wash she comes up like new. Very pleased and safe in the knowledge that I am protected when all of the salt is about this time of year. Agree with PPF being way too much at the moment.


    Ben Woods

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    I am going to do a ceramic coating then run it down to a guy local to me to ppt the front bumper, wings, head lights, bonnet, a pillars, lower skirts and rear boot entry. Also going for a satin black roof wrap. The ppt is body fence that he uses and I have seen it in the flesh. There is 2 of us with RS’s that will be getting it done. Price seems reasonable so I will report back when its done.



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    I’m not really that scared of stone chips, they’re a fact of life. For the price of some of the treatments, you could have the car completely resprayed. It’s money for old rope.

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