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    Hi all had a pandora alarm fitted is there a way of stopping the annoying sounds when opening and closing? And also the sounds on the pager remote?
    Cheers in advance



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    Hi Lee.

    I have the pandora BT mini fitted. You can download the pandora app onto your phone and adjust the settings this way (Really do tread with caution on this as you could put yourself in a serious muddle like I did). So you have silent open and close but and big BUT if your system has not recognised your tag when you walk upto the car, then the alarm will go off. (It is why they have the chirps to basically say it can see the tag) You can also turn down the volume of the chirps I believe..

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks Lee.



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    Seen this alarm on YouTube. Looks good. Has anyone had ghost and the Pandora alarm to give a review on both?

    I like the impact sensors on the Pandora. Just wondering if it would be the same as the clifford alarm my bro had on his mk1. Kept beeping on windy night and the alarm went off in heavy windy nights.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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