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    Hello boys and girls at Focus RS land, ┬áMy first GT3 in 2007 came standard with the first generation Pilot Cup tyres….they were so grippy when you had done one lap at some speed….but cold or wet…..hmmm…respect you are on semi slicks !

    50 kph ….guess that’s about 30mph was maximum speed in the wet…..after that you were at the limit of grip.

    The CUP 2 tyres…..are just frikking awesome….worn out my first set in 4000kms !

    Two track days have seen to that PLUS I ran the RS in via the Alpine Way using all the grip and gentle on the brakes.

    Some people are complaining about “veering under acceleration or braking” …..that is the high performance rubber doing its job…gripping the road !

    Anyway…..the PILOT CUP 2 get my approval….for GRIP.

    Mine are worn out and I have had so much fun with my new RS…..I reckon I will try the Pilot Super Sport

    Cheers  Roger Morrison

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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