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    Hi guys, I’m asking on behalf of my Dad, today he bought a 66 plate stealth Grey RS, on the indicator stalk it has a shock absorber symbol,  can anyone please tell me what this means?? Thanks in advance.



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    Press and hold the button To firm up the suspension .

    Standard suspension is firm

    sports suspension is bone rattling!



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    Yupp best used only on the track???

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    when you switch to track mode , it will auto turn on sport suspension , if you push and hold the button on the stalk , it will turn it off and go to normal suspension




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    There is also the so called “5th drive mode”, which has a nice feel, not duplicated in any other of the 4 available modes. Done as follows:

    1. Engage track mode.

    2. Turn off sport suspension as previously described.

    3. Turn traction control back on, using the console switch.


    What you end up with is like sport mode, with slightly heavier steering and improved throttle response.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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