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    After keeping eyes on the JWRACING Ford Focus Mk3 RS development, i noticed a post on Facebook about them working with Tein on some new Fast Road Lowering Springs. I decided to give them a call, and having spoken to the very knowledgeable Jason I decided to get booked it to have a set
    fitted when they came into Stock. Jason explained how he has had all the main manufacturer springs on the JWRacing Focus over the last 12 months,
    and that he was excited when Tein UK approached JWRacing to work with them on the development of their offering for the car.

    As the Tein Springs are new to the UK market Jason is still able to offer the first few customers that get them installed an installation discount, so with this in mind and the fact that Jason was happy to spend 20 mins on the phone explaining the development I decided to get the car
    booked in.


    I arrived in Dunstable bright and breezy at 8 in the morning, I was greeted by the Dan from the team with offers of coffee and an xbox to play on if I was waiting around for the work to be done on the car 🙂 Dan was actually the Mechanic that was going to be fitting the springs so we chatted through the process. He confirmed that fitting the rear coils were about 15 mins each with the front of the car taking most of the time. I was also keen to use JWRacing rather than a local outfit as at JWRacing they have done quite a number of fitting now, so have the process down. You have to be really really carefull with the front dampers.

    So all done in about 2 and a half hours. Even though not required I decided to take a trip up to SCC to get a 4 wheel alignment done to ensure everything was ok, I have also had some veering issues on full boost. Nothing untoward discovered, but reassuring nevertheless.


    So many thanks to Jason and his team. Jason has a lifetime of knowledge of Fords which he is able to communicate well with the less knowledgable
    (Me), the customer service was excellent, with nothing being too much bother, well done guys.


    Review on the Springs.

    So the ride height is of course much improved, both my daily wheels and 18″ track wheels now sit nicely, especially the 18″ wheels which looked a little small inside the wheel arches.

    So Road use. The very first thing i noticed is how the suspension now seems to be less bouncey. The small bump compliance seems to give you a much smoother ride, I was surprised by this as the dampers have not been changed. These fastroad springs are designed to have a variable weight, so I guess this is probably why. Jason found the H&R springs were great for the track but a little harsh on the road, so I believe Tein, having looked at all the other springs on the market tried a few different weights until they had something they were happy with. Handling has been improved, slow cornering a little, fast cornering when the spring is compressed is awesome, and I cant wait to test on the track, i will report back. Ride height, I have not caught any speed bumps yet.

    So hope this review helps some of you guys. I may be returning later this year to get a set Whiteline Sway bars fitted 😉

    Jasons Facebook post with details of the discount available. Give them a call quick if you want a set before they are gone gone gone.

    At last, TEIN UK working closely with JW Racing are able to bring you the perfect set of lowering springs for your Mk3 Focus RS.
    Having tried a few brands on our demo car and finding good / bad points in all, we were very keen when asked to contribute to the design of some
    springs where our input would be considered.

    We have hopefully combined the best of all the other options into one package with near perfect combination of ride height and ride quality at a
    competitive price.

    The TEIN, product is available to be seen and tested on our JWR demo car with first UK deliveries arriving in June 2017.
    Priced at just £130.00 + VAT and with a ride height drop of 25mm front and 30mm rear we are offering a special deal for the first months bookings
    for supply and installation.

    Total installed cost of £228.00 inc VAT

    Call now on 0845 123 2829 to make your booking for June / July install.



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    Nice review and good price to!

    Something a bit more forgiving on the road would be good. Occassionally I have to go the back roads where I am and it isn’t pleasant!



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    So to be fair I have not driven a car that has already been lowered so my perspective is based on original springs to new springs, I would probably expect the H&R springs to excel on track.

    Having had 3 track sessions at silverstone, I am really pleased with how planted the car is.  Trail braking into corners felt a lot safer as the car was more planted / less twitchy / less roll .  The new springs I would say have helped reduce the understeer a little on track .

    (I picked up a Whiteline Rear Sway bar at Ford Fair, so that will also be going on shortly.)

    If you join me with your car on one of the Steeda Airfield days you are welcome to hop in and have a test drive .

    Jason has just added the following link to the product containing the product info etc for forum members.




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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