Tigra Silhouette Race Car with 2.3 Eco Boost

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    I’m from Bristol, UK.

    I have built and prepare a Space Frame Tigra Silhouette race car fitted with a 2.3 Eco Boost crate engine for a Mustang ( same as RS ).

    It is controlled by an SCS DELTA  G4DI ecu and drives through a Quaife sequential 6 speed to an ATLAS rear axle ( Capri , if your old enough to remember  !! ).

    It is currently raced at Castle Combe Circuit in the GT Championship.

    Any questions, would be pleased to answer, also any engine experiences you may have had greatly received.

    We’re still learning about this engine….





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    Sorry but see this link, their seems to be an …… erm slight issue with the engine eating its self; well less than one percent that is within the Focus RS. But social media has gotten hold of it and now every motors lunching itself; not the case just the unlucky few.

    it doesn’t seem to matter if factory standard or modified the block on some is cracking and some apparently the head gasket. But anyhow have a read of the link below –

    Engine's gone poof



    RS Edition.

    FPM375 Rocks

    The rest of the “M” maps suck

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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