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    Hi guys,


    I bought my first Ford nearly 3 years ago after my 12 year old Audi A4 avant (bought from new) was rear ended by someone not paying attention.

    I’m now of a certain age and needed something fast to make me feel better! I wanted an S3 fifteen years ago which is what the A4 should have been but my wife fell pregnant and put her foot down because it didn’t have 4 doors!

    Anyway I digress! I bought a Focus ST3 three years ago and absolutely love the handling! It beats any Audi or anything else I’ve ever driven hands down for feel and holding. I had it remapped and added an induction kit but that was it.

    When the RS was announced I tried my hardest to make the man maths work but just couldn’t do it. Coupled with the 14 month waiting list or overpriced 2nd hand cars I’d all but given up when out of the blue my local dealer called me to say they have 3 cancelled orders! Not quite my full options list but still good so now I am waiting for the car to be ready for collection. It will need a remap though as on my test drive I found the power too safe and flat. There was no lump of torque to push you into your seat like my ST but it stuck the sales girl to the door when I threw it round a roundabout twice lol! ?


    Anyway I will post a pic when I’ve had it detailed and it’s looking its best and I’m looking forward to driving it ?



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    Welcome to the forum George? you will not be disappointed ?

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    Welcome to the forum George and congratulations on the new RS. What colour are you getting btw ?



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    It’s magnetic with the 19″ black forged alloys and blue calipers.

    Had a choice of stealth, white or magnetic. My ST is white and it does look nice when it’s clean but I fancied a change and magnetic just looks special compared to stealth. Imo ?



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    Welcome to the Magnetic club

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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