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    Julian Wright

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    I’ve had some advice to get the car undersealed and rustproofing done. Recieved this quote the other day, seems pretty reasonable but not sure about the process. Anyone else had it done. May be helpful for other members

    Good Evening

    We are currently taking bookings into November so should you wish to take up this quote if you can give me a ring on  01775 761222 to book an appointment.  The office is open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

    Many thanks for your enquiry the cost of full rust proofing your car will be £475.00+vat using Rustbuster’s award winning Hot-fog Rust proofing method. Our unique rust proofing service is very popular if you want specific days please book well in advance. On contact we will make a booking for you for a specific day the vehicle will be ready for collection the following day, under certain circumstances we can complete your vehicle the same day depending on the condition it arrives in.

    The Rustbuster Hot Fog Process

    Please feel free to compare our services offered with others out there and ask them if they will do all of the following for you, Good products with bad prep equals failure.

    High pressure Mossmatic cleaning using Chlor-X salt remover and traffic film remover.
    Infra-red and air blast drying.
    Remove road wheels and masking of brakes and hubs.
    Removal of any plastic inner arch guards. We do not remove painted plastic arch returns and skirts that form part of the bodywork. We do try to remove the plastic rivets carefully to re-use them, any replaced fixings are billed to the customer.
    Removal of any loose rust and old loose coatings.
    Inspection of chassis/sub frames sills etc. For corrosion and rot. Any rot discovered requiring welding will be reported back to the customer prior to repairs being carried out. Pictures can be provided on a USB stick (£5 + vat).
    Surface rust is treated with Rustbuster FE-123 molecular rust converter.
    Vehicle bodywork is masked in vinyl electrostatic wrap before spraying.
    Cavities injected using a unique Canadian high-pressure air mix Fogging method with Rustbuster Corrolan Active cavity wax.
    Cavities includes; Chassis, sills, cross members, sub frames door bottoms, A, B and C pillars, bonnet and boot seams or hatch. Some areas are accessed directly with wet spray others are accessed via fogging the wax, e.g. door tops and lock mechanisms would receive a fog whereas the door bottom and seams get a full wet coating. Tops of pillars are fogged etc.
    Under body coated with Rustbuster Techshield High Performance Black under body wax with added RUSTOL additive.
    Plastic Arch guards and wheels replaced.
    On making your booking you will be supplied with a complete schedule of works along with a stamp addressed envelope, read this carefully as it explains exactly what we will be doing to your vehicle. If agreed sign the schedule and return it to us prior to your visit.
    On completion you will be given a certificate of completion, and a visitor’s card for annual inspections.



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    I did my own when it was new with only a couple of hundred miles, removed all under covers and wheel arch liners, used two different Dinitrol cavity waxes for less than £150 and that included buying an injection gun to attach to my compressor. But if your happy paying just under £600 including VAT then go ahead.




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    I used Bilt Hamber’s underseal protection kit and did it myself. Easy if you can jack up your car easily (a hoist is best), otherwise it’s a pain in the a**e.


    I also used their Hydrate 80 product to convert any existing rust.

    I would highly recommend doing something though as the components are very prone to rusting (plenty of photos out there of rusty Mk3 RS’ underneath).



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    I think that 475£ job sounds a bit overkill to me, a simple bit of attention to the underside as others have done should do just nicely.

    No nothing.

    No Mods. No rockers. Just a chunky knob, thats now been replaced by an RS knob innit.

    No tackiness.

    Std as Ford intended, but with a space saver wheel and jack and nuts and wheel brace. oh.. and flaps, a man has got to have flaps.




    Julian Wright

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    Thankyou for the advice



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    considering it is from a Business, that price looks ok to me. Sure, you can do it cheaper yourself……..if you have all the tools and material.

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