Was this car released to soon???

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    johns RS MK3

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    Can any one give me some reassurance .. my car is due in  march and I have been reading on the forums that the car as many problems with the engine i.e. high oil consumption  cracks in block . white smoke coming from exhaust  also mechanical issues with the steering veering and finally the sound system audio control module…  is it possible that these problems will be rectified from factory before being delivered.. I am  pretty sure  that the manufacturer must be aware of these issues .. may be I am being a little pessimistic about the above but after spending £35000 pounds  I want a car that is reliable  and not going back to the dealers for either repairs or constant updates… I have always owned new fords and never had any problems.. I only want the experience to continue with the RS.. PLEASE ADVISE … many thanks John….



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    it’ll be fine. the people who post most are the ones who have problems, same for any car and any manufacturer. i struggle to believe any of them are really that bad anyway. the odd issue is ok, it’ll get resolved so don’t worry.




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    I’ve had mine 5 weeks now and only issue is the fuel cap which it’s going in on Thursday to be fixed. Drive it and enjoy it , if their are problems take it back and get them fixed, that’s what the warranty is there for. All new cars/bikes have slight problems, not a lot have serious problems, if you do I think you’re possibly unlucky.



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    If you go on an RS forum you’ll see problems about RS’s.



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    Be reassured your worries will go away the minute you drive it. What you do not hear is just how many owners are happy as not all owners belong to forums. As others have said you have warranty, get it extended. Follow the guidelines in the manual take it easy for the first 1500 and have it checked out, oil and filter change its a personal thing. Relax and enjoy it it’s an AWESOME car to own and drive ?

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    iam happy even with my wonky fuel flap ?



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    John, got mine today and creamed my pants. Do it.


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