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    I am looking to buy a cat back system and I want something with the pops and bangs, but does not wake the dead! Personally I was thinking of either a KMS, or Milltek. Has anyone already upgraded, and whats your opinion please?



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    For me, so far the Milltek is looking like the best option, the build quality is there, they offer various different tip’s to personalise to your taste, pop’s and bang’s are crisp and loud and the system itself saves a lot of weight over the stock. Looking forward to see what other systems come out, would love to see Akrapovic offer something.



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    Would also love to see a Akrapovic system.

    KMS does sound good when I heard it full chat on Silverstone circuit at Ford Fair. Also heard good reports on the RSR, Mongoose and Scorpion lately. Won’t go wrong with Milltek either. Depends on what fits your needs and budget.





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    I personally like Mongoose systems havd had those on all my fast fords in the past and have one on the other beast, so in time will def change to Mongoose after the warranty has expired on the car.




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    My Milltek is on its way cannot wait, I’ve heard a Scorpion n TBH you could probably get a better noise with a Downpipe fitted on the oem exhaust. But Milltek Deffo for me also with the FPM375 which is booked in shortly!



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    I think the kms sounds the best from that lot

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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