What's the best wheel cleaner ?

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    J J

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    For the black alloys?



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    a real soft wooly mop and NOT a stiff brush or any acidic cleaner, maybe try “car chem” wheel cleaner and possibly ‘wheel armour’ to kind of seal them and make later cleaning easier.

    No nothing.

    No Mods. No rockers. Just a chunky knob, thats now been replaced by an RS knob innit.

    No tackiness.

    Std as Ford intended, but with a space saver wheel and jack and nuts and wheel brace. oh.. and flaps, a man has got to have flaps.






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    I have used Autoglym wheel cleaner with their brush for a number of years on my Mk2 RS……cleans really well and absolutely no damage. Have tried it on my Mk3 forged rims and it works equally well, though I didn’t need the brush, rather a microfibre covered sponge.


    Nick Svarens


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    I use Gyeon Iron or Dodo Juice ferrous dueller, not acidic and ph neutral so they are safe for painted wheels and calipers. These are de-ironising wheel cleaners so they react with metallic fallout and bleeds purple. Let them sit for a few minutes and high pressure rinse off.

    I cycle using wheel brushes every few washes, Wheel Woolies are greatfor barrells and faces, swissvax wheel brush for lugs and tight corners, vikan wheel and arch for faces and or arches.



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    Billberry wheel cleaner.


    nuff  said.




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    Swissvax wheel forte

    Revo stage 2 MSD420 Software



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    I use the same as I use on the body. Williams Waterless Wash and WAX.  Spray the wheels first before cleaning the bodywork to allow maximum lifting of the dirt. Wipe off and buff with microfibre cloth.  Brilliant non acid or aggressive scientific cleaner for ANY part of your car. Watch the rain water bead off!

    Great if you live in a flat too without easy access to water.



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    Bilberry wheel cleaner!



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    I’m another Bilberry person.

    If you clean your car say once every two weeks or so, the concentration of cleaner-to-water ratio you have to use makes it very very economical.

    I’ve got wheel woolies rather than stiff brushes.. But the paint on these wheels is SOFT.

    Ideally I want to clear some space in the garage and try some Gyeon ceramic coating stuff… But that’s a lot of effort 😀

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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