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    @bobcat  Image the looks i would get with a top box.


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    @kev, I’ve seen two RS Mk3’s with top boxes. I must say they looked great 👍


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    My first car was a fiat 128

    1977 1.3 mk2 escort

    1976 1.6 mk2 escort

    1983 mk1 fiesta xr2

    1986 1.9 205 gti

    1988 1.9 205 gti

    1987 mk2 golf gti 16v

    1987 205 1..9 gti turbo technics conversation

    mk4 1987 escort rs turbo

    mk1 Golf gti 1.8

    Mk3 series 1 rs turbo

    mk4 series 2 rs turbo

    1990 fiesta rs turbo

    1991 fiesta rs turbo

    1986 whale tail cossie

    got married

    mk2 1989 xr2

    Golf mk 3 gti

    BMW e36 m3 evo

    2003 focus rs mk 1

    bmw e46 m3 smg

    BMW 530d 2006

    mk5 golf gti

    mk4 r32 golf

    c32 amg  2002 estate

    clio 197 f1

    audi tt 3.2 2005

    mk3 focus rs current

    Mk6 golf ed35 dsg current

    Mini Cooper s 2006 r53 current

    1995 corrado vr6

    1996 corrado vr6

    Been a few dogs as well but best forgotten



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    850 Austin Mini (683 JWD) 1974.

    Escort Mk1

    Escork Mk2

    1.6 Capri XL

    2.0S Capri


    Saab 9000 Turbo Maroon

    Ford XR4i  4×4 (2.8)

    406 SRi Peugeot Red

    406 SRi Peugeot White

    FTO GR Maroon

    FTO GPX Silver

    Honda S2000 Silver

    Honda S2000 Black

    Focus RS Mk2

    Focus 2.0 Estate Silver

    Focus 2.0 Estate Red

    Subaru WRX STI

    Subaru WRX STI

    Focus RS Mk3 Stealth Grey



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    @JMP58, alway wanted a Ford XR4i 4×4 2.8. Are there any still around 😺


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    My car history is

    1980 mini clubman with mg metro interior

    1991 Mini Cooper 13i

    1988 vw Jetta gti 8v

    1991 Astra gte 16v

    2002 Audi TT 225

    1989 Astra gte 16v should never have sold this car

    bought house with wife

    1997  xsara VTR not my choice 😂

    2003 206 gti

    2004 merc ml 270 with 22”wheels

    2003 mk1 focus rs still got it now

    2009 Vauxhall tiara for the wife

    2008 Range Rover sport 2.7  looked like a supercharger with 22” wheels

    2012 Audi A1 black edition had it 3 months from new wife said it was to small

    2006 Renault scenic again not my choice (the wife)

    2014 Nissan Juke nismo the wife didn’t like it never used it

    2014 Nissan qashqia tekna

    2017 mk3 Focus RS FPM 375 😄





    Mk1 focus Rs

    mk3 focus RS sold but not forgotten

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    UK - Wales

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    My history :

    Black fiesta XR2i (with blue stripe)

    Astra sport

    Renault Megan sport 2.0 done like Williams Clio

    VW Golf GT TDI

    Subaru Imp wrx (Done by pro drive, could not insure STI??? sorry tesco didn’t tell you of any mods)

    Astra estate & combo van (bought a house)

    VW Passat estate

    VW Passat estate 4 motion

    307 TDI

    Astra estate

    BMW 3 Coupe (very short time)

    Audi s3

    BMW X5

    Audi A3 TDI sline

    VW T5

    Berlingo van!

    VW T6 sportline kombi (total piece of shite!)

    Current :

    2 x Berlingo’s

    Mk3 RS

    Kuga st line

    Most cars overlapped, always clean car and dirty car / van 😀


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    In order

    Ford Escort RS turbo s2

    Ford Orion ghia mk2

    Ford Escort RS turbo s2

    Ford Fiesta XR2 mk2

    Ford Escort RS turbo s2

    Subaru Impreza uk turbo classic

    Citreon Saxo VTS

    Subaru Impreza uk turbo classic

    Seat Leon cupra 1.8t

    Ford Escort RS turbo s2

    Subaru impreza WRX blob

    Ford Focus st225 mk2

    Subaru impreza WRX blob

    Ford Focus st225 mk2

    Ford Focus st225 mk2.5

    Ford Focus RS mk3




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    1998 Volkswagen Polo 6n 1.4cl (brilliant reliable car but started getting rain in!)
    2009 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Zetec (current)

    2016  FordFocus MK3 RS (current)


    The Fiesta is a cracking car for driving around town and gets abused by the wife / kids. As it’s not worth much it’s great for parking at the supermarket etc and not caring if it gets scratched!

    The Focus gets pampered and only comes out for longer family excursions or for quick blasts


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    Took me long enough to jump on to this thread but here goes;-

    1981 – C plate light blue Triumph Herald 1200, cherry bomb exhaust, pancake filter

    1982 – Hillman Hunter 1500, Rostyle wheels

    1983 – Hillman Avenger 1300, Rostyle wheels, cut front bumper, contrast bonnet, peco exhaust, pancake filter

    1984 – Ford Escort 1300, 2 door, green with BVR

    1985 – Fiat Super miriafiori 1600TC auto

    1986 – Ford escort RS 2000 Custom, red + BVR, biege FNR + a Burgundy Ford Anglia 105e to leave at the train station

    1987 – First rebuild, Opposite Lock E11 Stage 1 engine, 38 DGAS, vented discs, Mintex pads, Jims polishing on the alloys, Spax adjustable suspension, Yokohama HFR 205 Rear, 185 regular compound Front

    1988 – Second rebuild, Opposite Lock E11, Hardened crank, uprated clutch, re bored, new pistons, Pete Baldwin (Cambridge) rolling road, re jet carb, HFR tyres front, regular compound rear, (better than other way round as soft front negates a bit of under steer)

    1989 – Saab 99 GL

    1991 – Saab 900 T16S, black

    1994 – Saab 900 Carlsson, black, (probably one of the best examples in the UK)

    1997 – Volvo 850 estate T5, grey, (what a wagon)

    2000 – Volvo V70R, black

    2002 – Subaru Forester Turbo S, black and silver

    2005 – Subaru Forester 2.5XT, black

    2007 – Prodrive upgrade to Scooby + OZ wheels

    2010 – Alcon brakes, goodridge braided hoses, GB270 wheels, AST adjustable suspension, full whiteline gold arms and anti roll bars etc

    2012 – Skoda VRS, Estate, Race Blue, full leather, Columbus, tints

    2018 – Ford Focus Edition, (July 18 FPM 375), current car

    2019 – Skoda VRS, Challenge, quartz grey, estate, most options, current car

    Edition, FPM 375


    UK - England

    Posts: 7273

    @andy-k, nice list 👍

    Spotted an Anglia 105E in there😺

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    £750 Hillman Hunter 1725 GT J reg in gold and ro style alloys c/w furry dice and seat covers. Rust got the better of it in the end.

    £2500 MK3 Ford Capri 2.0 S in blue. T reg. spent a few £k on body kits alloys and wider tyres.

    Bought new after that

    Fiesta XR2 D reg

    Escort XR3 F reg

    Sapphire Cosworth H reg

    Focus ST 10 plate



    Frozen White / Sunroof / Lux Pack / Sync 3 / M400X/ Forged Engine Internals / Oil Cooler Kit / Sports Cat downpipe with Cat Back V3 exhaust / high flow radiator / Cast Inlet Manifold / Quaife ATB / alloy intercooler upgrade / charge pipe upgrade / brake hose kit / grooved discs and brake pads / sports spring kit / secondary intake kit / short shift / roll restrictor / PTU Brace / TWS Gunmetal alloys / 10W60 oil


    UK - England

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    All hail the Cosworth lucky you👍


    UK - England

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    Cheers Bob, I’ve been blessed with having great cars and clearly developed a love of Turbos. Two Stroke to Turbo (my Saab Guy back in the day) recently bought back my Carlsson from a chap who had it in storage. I went and looked at it, but thankfully someone else had committed to it, (I would not have been able to unless Tim and Fuzz were doing the work + some parts are N/A and non original parts have gone in place).

    Edition, FPM 375


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    Some of you guys have had so many cars and still own several cars I’m just a little jealous. I’ve only ever owned 2 at one time and that was only then for a couple of years mind you wifey has never driven so not really any need for more than one car, all have been daily drivers except the MGBGT.

    Ford Escort mk1 1300 in yellow loved it and could you open the door with a coin if you locked the keys inside

    Vauxhall Cavalier 1600 in burgundy first time I was tempted to the dark side and I swore I’d never go there again

    MG Metro 1300 in black I loved this car it was my first “performance” car and got me into car clubs the MG Owners club, no Internet in those days so everything done by post and phone calls, no mobiles either.

    MGBGT 1800 in British racing green. Anniversary edition and my first and last restoration project. Even the wife got involved painting wheels and restoring the bodywork.

    At the same time a second Vauxhall the Chevette in burgundy and grey constantly broke down, I called it the Shove it, and again I swore I’d never stray to the dark side again

    MG Maestro 2000 EFI in red brought about because my son was born and you can’t fit a wife, son, buggy and all associated other crap in a MGBGT

    Nissan Bluebird in grey. Those Japanese knew how to make cars back then all the toys as standard unlike anything made in the UK.

    Ford Escort RS mk2 in grey. Ended up in a ditch after hitting some ice never to run again and I ended in hospital luckily with only relatively minor injuries but the police knocking on the door scared me wife to death

    Rover 418 diesel turbo in red. Company car and first time visiting those dirty pumps where you have to wear gloves

    Rover 418 diesel turbo in green. Company car

    Vauxhall Corsa in red. I know I’ve said twice I’d never own one again but in my defence I won it in a raffle and sold it after one day. Shortest time I’ve ever owned any car

    Ford Mondeo SI in teal

    Subaru Imprezza turbo. First 4 wheel drive car and what a car it was

    Ford Mondeo ST220 in blue. V6 with full leather motorway cruiser with a lot of poke for B roads

    Ford Mondeo 1800 turbo diesel in silver. Another company car

    Ford Fiesta Zetec S mk7 in red. First visit to Ford fair in this car.

    Ford Fiesta ST2 in blue. What a great car performance and road holding way beyond anything else on the market at the time. Mountune 215  purchased at Ford fair. My son and daughter both have one now.

    Ford Focus RS mk3 in Nitrous Blue. Can’t see myself buying any other car as I absolutely love this and it makes my now 30 year old son so envious.


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