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    Nate, just browsing today and have seen your list. Wow, and I thought that I liked a Saab! Were you working at a dealership? Do you know Michael Struebel (Two Stroke to Turbo – now in Royston), he used to look after my Saabs. I so regret selling the Carlsson.

    Edition, FPM 375



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    My car ownership history.

    1967 Ford Cortina MK2 1.5 Deluxe Dark Blue

    1970 Ford Capri 1.6 XL Daytona Yellow

    1971 Ford Capri 1.6XL White

    1972 Ford Cortina MK3 2000GT Tawny

    1973 Ford Cortina MK3 2000E Sebring Red

    1976 Ford Cortina MK3 2000GT Silver

    1979 Ford Granada MK2 2.8GL Oyster Gold

    1982 Ford Granada MK2 2.8 Ghia Forest Green

    1983 Ford Granada MK2 2.8i Ghia X Jade Green

    1978 Austin Maxi 1750HL ( donโ€™t ask)

    1988 Rover 820E white

    1988 Ford Granada MK3 2.9i Scorpio Crystal Blue

    1992 Rover 820Si dark blue

    1993 Ford Granada Scorpio MK3 24V dark blue

    1973 Ford Cortina MK3 2000E Sebring Red (again)

    1978 Ford Cortina MK4 2.0 Ghia Venetian Red

    1986 Ford Granada MK2 2.8i Ghia X gold

    2002 MG ZT 190+ Trophy Blue

    1990 Ford Sierra Sapphire 2.0 Ghia 4X4 Crystal Blue

    1986 Ford Granada Scorpio MK3 2.8i 4X4

    1993 BMW 525iX (4X4) silver.

    2016 Ford Focus MK3 RS Nitrous Blue

    Will Shotton



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    @will, great list of cars youโ€™ve owned ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ‘

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    @bobcat, apart from the Mg Zt!

    Remember my dad having a Ford granada scorpio as a company car. Was pure luxury back then.

    Collins Cp2 map. Ramair induction. Mountune mud flaps. Scorpion Sports Cat. Scorpion Tracker. Wind deflectors. NB washer jets and shark fin aerial. EBC Grooved discs, YellowStuff pads. Airtec Intercooler, Miltek cat back with titanium tips. Collins quickshift. DSC Controller



    UK - England

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    @turbo-tone, Granada Scorpio fantastic car, dad never had one of those ๐Ÿ˜น

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    Leigh Bryce

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    Iโ€™ll miss out the family/boring ones โ€ฆ..

    Mk1 XR2


    MK2 Astra GTE Convertible

    Mk2 XR2

    Mk1 Focus ST

    Sierra Cosworth

    Escort Cosworth

    Impreza STI

    Sapphire Cosworth 4×4

    Sierra Cosworth

    Mk1 Focus RS

    A45 AMG

    Mk3 Focus RS (Blue Edition)



    NB Edition

    Lots of Mountune Goodies

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    UK - England

    Posts: 10021

    @leigh, some serious hard core cars you have owned ๐Ÿ‘

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    ….. looking at some of the lists, I wonder what I’ve been doing with my life !!!!

    mk2 Harrier (stratos silver)

    mk2 RS2000 (signal red 79)

    mk2 Harrier (diamond white)

    mk2 RS2000 (diamond white)

    mk1 Mexico (daytona yellow)

    mk2 RS2000 X-Pack

    other cars of note ….. ’73 mk3 Cortina … ’78 mk2 1.3L Escort … ’85 2.0 Sierra Ghia estate … ’90 Peugeot 309 GTI (12 years owned) … ’09 Ranger xlt

    finally ….. dream lottery car ….. RS200


    … my last ‘old’ car in 2010 …..

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    A good selection youโ€™ve had there ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ‘Like the last one a lot ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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    My list is not that impressive!

    Peugeot 106

    Nissan Almera!

    Focus MK1

    Focus MK2

    Focus ST MK2

    BMW 520D

    Focus ST MK3

    Focus RS



    UK - England

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    Impressive list leading to an Focus RS Mk3 ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ‘

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    @Andy-k no didn’t work for just an enthusiast

    I don’t know them personally but i have delt with them, one of my mates is the chairman of the SOC he lives two streets away from me he knows them for sure



    584bhp oct booster

    574bhp 99 oct

    507 lbft

    OEMeth installs


    sabre tuning



    funk motorsport


    Owen developments

    WP Pro brakes

    HELIX Automotive


Viewing 12 posts - 241 through 252 (of 252 total)
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