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    @Fowlers Focus, I live in one of the lowest insurance rate areas in the UK.

    Its actually cheaper for me to insure my vehicles where I live now than when I lived in Cornwall!


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    My first car in 1974 was 1.1963 mk1 cortina and all these others followed through the years 2.1965 mk1 cortina est 3.1970 mk2 cortina 1600E 1979 ford capri ford cortina mk5 2.0 GLS 1981 XR3 1982 XR3 5 speed 1983 XR3I 9. new 1984 VW scirocco 10. new 1985 VW golf mk2 GTI 11. new 1988 XR3I 12.1989 escort RS turbo 1990 style model 13.1994 mk5 escort XR3I i still own! 14. new 2009 focus mk2 zetec S 15. new 2012 mk3 focus ST 16. To date 2016 mk3 focus RS All fantastic cars with a lot of great fun



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    Sure I posted this list on a earlier thread but can’t find it. Anyway, here we go…

    Mk2 Lotus Cortina

    Fiat 124 Special T (when the fiat died of rot, the engine was donated to a Lada complete with 45 DCOE’s to compete in 12 cars, much fun.

    Mk1 Opel Manta

    Mk2 Opel Manta




    A couple of diesel Fiesta’s

    Fiesta ST3 Mountune

    Mk3 Focus RS

    I cycled to work in between…

    FPM 375

    DSC Suspension Controller

    Breedt Short Shifter



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    Escort 1300E (Hearing Aid Beige)

    Escort 1600 Sport replica (Stolen Without Trace After 6 Days)

    Cortina 2.0 GL Auto (I Don’t Know Either)

    Escort 1.3 Ghia (Posh)

    Cortina 1.6 Crusader (Don’t Ask)

    Sierra 1.6L (Poverty Spec)

    Fiesta XR2 MK2 (Here We Go)

    Fiesta XR2i 1.8 16v (Red Suprisingly)

    Puna 1.7 (Hoot To Drive)

    Focus ST3 (Orange Loved It)

    Focus RS (Had To Own At Least One  RS Didn’t I?)



    NB/Lux/Winter Pack/Forged Alloys/Blue Calipers/Old Man Chairs



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    @jcm, puna 1.7 I hope that a typo ha ha ha Puma 1.7 my brother had one of those as well as a rare Puma Forest Edition, the one with the big flared arches.


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    @fowlers focus, funny you should mention the new GTR as my next car, I’ve just been looking at them and will probably get one next year!

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    Car history

    1977 fiesta 1100S (white)

    1987 Vx nova club (white)

    1990 Escort eclipse (red)

    1994 Vx corsa Sri (blue)

    1995 Vx Tigra 1.4 (blue)

    1996 Vx Tigra 1.6 MTV (yellow)

    1997 ford puma 1.7 (red)

    1998 ford puma 1.7 (silver)

    1999 Vx Astra Sri 2.0 (white)

    2000 Vx Astra coupe 1.8 (black)

    2000 ford racing puma (blue)

    2003 focus rs mk1 (blue)

    2006 focus st (orange)

    2008 Audi TT 3.2 (white)

    2010 focus rs mk2 (white)

    2012 Golf gti edition 35 (white)

    2013 Vx Astra vxr (white)

    2016 focus rs mk3 (blue)




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    There are an awful lot on here started the Vauxhall route then converted to Ford. Me being one of that group.



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    1976 Mk4 Cortina 2.3 V6 Ghia purchased 1984 – not a bad first car, only had 13k miles

    1982 Alfasud TiX (special edition for the UK only) purchased 1986 – great little drivers car, looked great and went very well, riddles with the brown stuff though

    1983 Capri 2.8 injection, early 5 speed model, purchased 1988 – cardinal red with obligatory stripes on bonnet and sides, also full body kit

    1989 TVR 2.8S purchased 1991 – entry level TVR at the time, a very happy 23 year old and miserable girlfriend who got jealous

    1991 TVR 400SE purchased 1994 – now we’re talking, a proper TVR based on a 3.9 Rover V8 engine. Wedge shape didn’t suit everyone and become dated, but I think they look great (and sound amazing as these were pre-cat)

    1994 TVR Griffith 500 purchase 2001 and still own – still scares me, 340BHP in a 1100Kg car with no electronic aids, ABS or even power steering equals lots of fun

    2004 Audi A3 sport purchased new for company use

    2004 Audi A4 sport purchased 2006 again for company use

    2006 Golf Gti Mk5 purchased 2010 – great cars and return to form for VW

    2008 Golf Gti MK5 purchased 2012

    2009 BMW E92 335i coupe purchased 2014 – great car, lots of power and better to drive than the Audi which I sold it for. Fragile though, low mileage car suffered with expensive gremlins and cracked wheels which BMW knew about and did bugger all about.

    2011 Audi S5 V8 purchased 2016 – ultimately disappointing, looked and sounded fantastic, but felt lethargic and dull as dishwater to drive. Drank fuel for fun (averaged 19MPG)

    2017 Focus RS purchased new, I’ve seen the light!

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    1988 to date :

    Ford Escort Mk3  1.6GL

    Ford Fiesta Supersport

    Ford Escort RS1600i

    Ford Sierra XR4x4

    Ford Escort Series 1 RS Turbo

    Subaru Impreza WRX

    Ford Sierra 3-Door Cosworth

    Subaru Impreza Prodrive Edition

    Subaru Impreza Turbo

    Subaru WRX STi Hawkeye

    Subaru Impreza Turbo (bought the one above back as weekender and still own today)

    Audi A4 S-line quattro Avant

    SEAT Leon PD170 BTCC kit

    Audi A4 S-line Black Edition

    Audi S4

    Audi A4 Avant Black Edition Plus

    Audi A5 Sportback Black Edition Plus

    SEAT Leon Cupra K1

    Ford Focus RS Mk3


    Fowlers Focus
    Fowlers Focus

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    @scott.t cool you owned a Fiesta Supersport. This was always the car I wanted to be my first car as when I was 16 there was a black one in the garage I worked in being repaired for ages after it had been in a front end smash. I was hoping to buy it when it was finished but the owner ended up keeping it and I ended up with a Morris Marina. BTW Supersports are really rare and a mint one could be worth as much as early MK3 RS Focus now. When I was 17 good ones were about £2500. Did you keep yours?


    steve rs

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    Hi folks

    my list is as follows passed my test in 1978

    1st Vauxhall viva HB ,metallic blue

    2nd Ford Capri XL , sunburst orange

    3rd mk2 escort Mexico ,white

    4th mk2 escort RS2000 custom Daytona yellow

    5th ford Capri 2.8i cardinal red ( sadly stolen ,b…..ds)

    6th ford escort RS turbo mk1, white

    7th Volkswagen Golf GTI mk2 ,red

    8th ford Sierra XR4x4 2.8i ,grey

    9th Ford Fiesta RS1800, red

    10th Vauxhall calibra V6, dark green

    11th Subaru Impreza turbo 2000 ( UK spec), dark blue

    12th Subaru Impreza STI, world rally blue

    13th Audi S3 metallic grey

    14th Ford Focus mk3 RS, frozen white

    all of them great cars in their own way ,some better than others

    if I could pick one from the above list to try again it would be the

    MK2 Mexico ,what memories etc


    Nick Coombes
    Nick Coombes

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    Escort 1600 sport mk2

    Escort Harrier mk2

    Escort Mexico Mk 1

    Escort RS 2000 Custom

    Ford Cortina 1600E

    Escort XR3i

    Escort RS Turbo series 1 custom

    Sierra 2,0 GLS

    Sierra XR4X4 2.0

    Sierra XR4X4 Turbo

    Fiesta 1,3 Super sport

    Fiesta XR2 MK2

    Subaru Impreza UK

    Mitsubishi EVO 7

    Fiesta ST3

    Focus RS MK3

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    Just looking for my first RS Focus at the moment, great to see everyone’s car history, some great machines in there, thought I’d throw mine into the ring as well 🙂

    Hope to be able to talk about my own RS Focus very soon……..

    1275GT Mini
    1275 MG Midget
    1275 GT Mini
    MG BGT
    Lotus Elan S4 DHC
    Alfa GTV2000
    Hillman Imp
    Hillman Stiletto
    MK1 Golf GTI
    1.9 205 GTI
    Focus ST170
    Caterham 7
    Cosworth Sierra 3door
    BMW M3 E35
    1.9 205 GTI
    1.9 205 GTI
    Caterham 7
    1.9 205 GTI
    Subaru S202
    Clio Sport 200 Cup
    205 Rallye – UK
    205 Rallye – 1.3 Euro


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    Ready for the worst list ever

    1. Vauxhall astra

    2. Escort 75 van

    3. Citreon saxo VTR

    4. VW polo

    5. Astravan sportive

    6. Vivaro van sportive

    7. Transit Custom

    8. MK3 Focus RS First and only decent car I’ve ever owned 😀

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