High Speed Steering Issues

Lets face it there has not been many issues with the Mk3 Focus RS since its first deliveries way back in April 2016. It can be common for brand new models to have niggly teething problems making recalls are normal practise on fresh out the box cars. The Mk3 Focus RS however has been mostly quiet with no major issues reported apart from a few rumblings of high speed steering issues on several UK owners cars.

Focus RS Accelerating

High Speed Steering Issue – Owners Thoughts

Having a car with such performance and technology is the perfect mix however when owners are reporting “Every time I give mine a boot full in sport or normal mode and on all types of roads it’s pulls from left to right at 80mph” there have been several cases similar to this where is feels like the car is tramlining or torque steering perhaps it could be just the electronics adjusting the power distribution who knows but this issue needs to be addressed when owners are stating “I am feeling under-confident in overtaking cars since I feel like I am going to “float” into them.”

Focus RS Driving


We have spoke to a few owners to gauge what the potential issue could be but no definite answer, several owners have said it can be worth checking the tyre pressures as some cars have been delivered with pressures way out of what is the recommended tyre pressures.  Check out this forum post to see just how many people are talking about the high speed steering issues. Power distribution could also be a cause but we urge if you are experiencing any of these symptoms to contact Ford direct to make them realise that it is a fairly widespread problem and could also mean the problem gets addressed quicker.

If you would like to contact Ford Customer Relationship Centre they can contacted by telephone 0203 564 4444 or email on UKCRC1@ford.com

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