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The hype around the new Ford Focus RS has caught our attention. Actually who are we kidding? It has got us really excited for the next instalment in the Focus RS range and we went hunting for some Focus RS reviews.

To honest we aren’t surprised at the amount of 5 star ratings this beast has received so far. Rather than banging on about the specs let’s see what the reviews are like.

PistonHeads – “It’s The Real Deal”

Despite initial concerns around the lack of a dual-clutch option (a pretty small negative it must be said) Piston Heads loved the vehicle.

It’s dynamism and performance for the cost is a big plus point for these guys. In fact they describe it as an ‘all-rounder’ with an added capacity to thrill. ‘The real deal’ indeed.

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Evo – “Fast and Fun”

Given that Evo dedicated 5 stars to the new Focus RS they did nit-pick a bit with a cabin quality. Perhaps it falls down slightly when you compare it to say a German manufactured model but again it is small negative with a car that trumps its rivals.

Evo picked up on its value for money as well but also the 4 drive modes and driver engagement were big plus points. As Ford RS reviews go – Evo were wholly positive.

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AutoCar – “A Sensation for Petrol Heads”

With its real world usability, driver involvement and performance for the price (do you see a common theme emerging here?) AutoCar absolutely loved this model.

They purred over its balance between a 345bhp 2.3-litre Ecoboost petrol engine, hardcore suspension and 4 wheel drive. A car that can be used in any setting with the looks and performance to beat anything in the same bracket with a much better price tag to boot.

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Auto Trader – “Engaging and Exhilarating”

Described as ‘nuttier than a squirrel’s shopping list’ Auto Trader’s Focus RS review is very positive of the new model. The fact that you can drift at will and with great straight-line traction and grip levels the new RS scored highly in their estimation.

Again Auto Trader is buzzing about the price tag and what you get for your money. While they don’t go as far to say that the new Ford RS is the best on the market they do conclude that it’s a great financial investment and something that is unlikely to be beaten this year.

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Auto Express – “A Performance Car Bargain”

Finally Auto Express give the new RS a 5 star review and call it a ‘true fast Ford hero.’ They picked up on its fantastic driveability in wet conditions as well as its excellent body control.

It might not be the best on the market for practicality according to Auto Express – they do mention its small boot size – but for performance, value and driving ability it is a steal when compared to the Honda Civic Type R or an Audi which will cost about £10k more.

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Even just by looking at these 5 reviews it is easy to see a consensus building with the new Ford RS.

With great performance, cost and, most importantly to us at least, a fun drive the new RS is going to take some beating in 2016.

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