Milltek Sport Releases ‘Ring Tested’ Exhaust

Respected British exhaust manufacturer Milltek Sport has managed to be one of the very first companies to get a fully tested and extensively evaluated exhaust system for the long-awaited Ford Focus RS Mk3 onto the market.


As usual, Milltek ensured that it was one of the very first customers in line for Ford’s uber hot-hatch, meaning that it has had an unrivalled amount of development time with the car, ensuring that the hand-finished system has been tested in every possible situation. In fact, such was Milltek’s run-up on this project, they have even had time to pack in a pan European dash and full Nurburgring track test as part of the R&D process, too!


The result of this hard work, plus the fact that the firm was also the first British manufacturer to develop an extraction solution for the same 2.3 EcoBoost engine in the Mustang, has meant that this extensively-proven system is now available for enthusiasts to buy. Based around a carefully optimised 76mm diameter system, featuring precision mandrel bending and hand-finished welding, the result is an exhaust that ensures power and torque levels are improved across the rev-range, with a plethora of pops and crackles available on the over-run for those looking for a real aural treat.


The launch spec will be cat-back systems, with a choice of either resonated or non-resonated centre sections to allow enthusiasts to tailor their own soundtrack. The silencer box itself features Milltek’s innovative ‘HollowTek’ technology, which reduces un-sprung weight, whilst improving flow. Milltek is also offering the option of having the system either with or without its ValveSonic system, too. If you’re the kind of owner that wants a sporting tone all the time, order without. For those looking to keep a real Jekyll and Hyde persona for the RS, order with. With restrained silencing – or the sonorous rasping brilliance just a factory button push way, this system really does give you two cars in one, leaving all of the factory ‘Drive Select’ system fully operational.



Whichever option is chosen, all system configurations are hand finished in the finest non-magnetic aerospace grade stainless steel. Tailpipe trims options include a choice of either burnt titanium, polished or Cerakote on the perfectly proportioned GT115 trims. As the first truly essential mod for this wonderful car, the Milltek system is a winner!

Prices start from  £997.66 + VAT for a cat back system.

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